Sunday, July 12, 2009

Comment Showcase: Top Comments Of The Week

Thanks to all those who commented this past week.

I thought it interesting that the Entrecard Strikes Again Post got so many comments moving this post into first place as my most popular post ever so far! It even brought out some first-time commenters!

Daisy the Curly Cat said:
I don't care about bounce rate, either. It seems like there is a constant stream of half-thought-out changes rolled out before the earlier changes and problems have been ironed out.

Melissa at Your Fun Family said:
Entrecard has been making some really bad decisions lately. It seems like they are on a mad rush trying to make money but they have no idea how to do it. All of the failed attempts have cost them respect from members. They have even cost them some members. I was really upset when the blog stated the new idea of giving points to nonbloggers for reading blogs. The idea did not upset me. I just thought it was a stupid idea. What upset me was that the blog post asked for feedback and spirited discussion. I made two comments to that post. The first one was deleted within hours and then they switched to moderating comments. The second comment was of course not approved. Entrecard has made it obvious that they really do not care what the members think.

I am not upset about my bounce rate at all and I actually find that the current system gives me a competitive edge because I feel like I have to really catch the droppers eye and keep them reading. I also worry that I will be deleting more spam comments.

Chris said:
I agree with you Karen. I don't care about my bounce rate, and EC was a good source to get new readers, but they're really going to make it difficult. I'm waiting to see what they consider "interaction" but in the end if it makes life more difficult I will probably leave EC. I also feel they are doing this to keep from paying out the cash for credits. I requested a cash out 4 weeks ago and it's coming very very slowly in $10 increments (2 so far with 6 left unpaid), so I'm thinking they don't have the money to pay out. It's really a shame to see it decline in it's usefullness to bloggers. I've let them promote the paid ads on my blogs from the beginning but now I feel they have not kept up their end of the bargain.

Tahtimbo said:
I agree with you. Graham cannot be happy unless he is trying to destroy Entrecard. The paid advertising came close, but not good enough, so he is trying this. I feel if people find something to interest them, they will stop and read the post. I feel it is wrong to try and force people to comment on something that may not interest them. You may be right, it might increase spam ( I never thought of that angle). Anyway, I feel the Entrecard is in its last months and I am already planning for that time.

Health Nut said:
I agree with yours (and most people) that this has more to do with financial constraints than with bounce rates. It's not as if anyone has been complaining about bounce rates lately. It's yet another ill conceived , ill disguised plan by Graham.

Last year I thought EC was going to be big, now I think EC is going to be one big failure.

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Mrs4444 said:
I've wondered about all the hype about the Acai berry. I'll look at these twice the next time I see them.

Great question. On Saturday, the sample lady talked me into buying hummus with pine nuts. It was wonderful, if expensive. Won't buy it again, most likely, though, since it's not in the budget. Wouldn't mind finding a recipe, though.


Daisy said...

Daisy's 'mom' here:
Hummus with pine nuts sounds delicious! One of the best things at our local Farmer's Market are all the different varieties of hummus. We usually get a loaf of fresh bread, fresh hummus, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil and make delicious sandwiches.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Daisy's mom: I don't even know what Hummus is! I have heard of nuts though.

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