Friday, July 31, 2009

5 Things I Learned This Week-Part 30

No Dogs Allowed

When I took Abby for a morning walk Tuesday, I saw there were "No Dog Allowed" signs up at the park where we always to to walk her. This is sad. Check out Abby's post about it at Abby's Blog. Below is a video about our morning walk.

Judy Liked My Funny Dad, Harry!

I was happy to get this message from Judy and More Than Sew So:
Oh my goodness...YES...I loved it! It reminded me of some of the times I had with my mother while she was living with us...sometimes frustrating, but always with love and affection.
. I was sorry to hear she had shoulder surgery and lots of painful therapy ahead so that's why she hasn't written a review yet, but sill when she is able to type better again.

Cleaning Floors

For those who clean floors the old fashioned way of getting down on your hands and knees like my husband does, I discovered a tip that saves your knees and back at Proverbs Wife. She suggests using a broom dipped in hot water and then wiping the floor dry with a rag using your foot. Check out her post for further details.

Page Rank

When reading A Book Inside I learned that the highest Page Rank is a 5, not 10 like I thought so my 3 is better than I thought! Yippee!

Cyst Aberation

I learned Tuesday when I went for a core biopsy, that all I needed was a cystic aspiration in my right breast which was painless since they numbed the area and I could watch the ultrasound picture on the screen as the doctor poked the cyst with a needle. The doctor removed the fluid that collected and will have it analyzed. All the nurses and technicians were very nice to me and the doctor was super at Parma Community Hospital. I won't get the results until my follow-up appointment August 17 (my doctor is on vacation).


Jude said...

I saw slip on scrubbing shoes at Walmart and when I get back there I plan on buying a pair to try, but I've used the broom for stubborn stains and grime before.

The Author said...

I hope your aspiration comes back with wonderful news for you.

I also thought the highest page rank was a 10 so I feel relieved too.

Loved the trick about the broom and ANYONE who reads your book will love it. It's fantastic people. You have to buy it and it isn't expensive at all.

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