Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comment Showcase--Top Comments Of The Week

On I Can't Sleep--No More Bones Allowed In Bedroom
Beaded Tail said:
Yep, bones should be banned from the bedroom! Sadie only gets bones in the morning so that she's hopefully done with them by night. And she loves her Kong too. We put dog biscuits in it and then put the peanut butter in it so she gets "surprises" after licking through that peanut butter. It'll keep her busy for quite awhile and she'll even start tossing it in the air since she knows that when it falls the dog biscuits will break and fall out.

I tried putting in the treats with the peanut butter as you suggested and that made all the difference! Take a look at this video of Abby with her Kong now.

Mountain Woman said:
I take away bones at night too or I'd hear chomp, chomp all night so I sympathize.

If she didn't like peanut butter in the Kong, you can try sticking a biscuit in there or my favorite thing was Cheez Whiz. If Abby discovers she likes her Kong, you can put peanut butter, Cheeze Whiz or cottage cheese inside it, stick it in the freezer and then give it to her. The frozen treats inside the Kong will make it last longer.

On What Do You Wish Was Never Invented I received the following answers--all good:
Cigarettes by Daisy The Curly Cat
NY Yankees by The Bumbles
Gangs by Sandee
Cell Phones by Lin
Weapons by BK and Mountain Woman

On Do You Appreciate the Beauty Around You?
Sandee said:
I learned many years ago to always stop and smell the roses. I take nothing for granted. I think that comes with age though. It did for me anyway.


The Author said...

I'm so glad she's happy with her Kong. There is also an automatic Kong dispenser for people who work all day that dispenses Kongs throughout the day. Welcome to the amazing world of dog treats and dog toys!

I enjoyed reading about what others wish was never invented.

The Florida Furkids said...

Mom is going to try the peanut butter and treat idea with our woofies' kong.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

BeadedTail said...

It was fun to see Abby with her Kong! Dogs are so smart so they need to be doing something and trying to find the treats in a Kong seem to work wonders! If she gets them out too quickly, you can "stick" them way inside the Kong with the peanut butter - that's what causes Sadie to throw them in the air to get them out. It's really quite entertaining to watch and she just loves it!

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