Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visiting A New Vet For Abby, Spunky and Almost Manny

We have a very good vet who gives a multi-cat discount but is bout half an hour's drive away and always has a full waiting room. You have to call about a month ahead to get an appointment there too and the whole reason we went there was because Dr. Hart is so nice. That's the vet who saved our Moe by getting him to eat on his own again after force feeding him at her own house for a week! The last few times we went though, we didn't get her so we decided to look for a closer vet to cut down on the stress to our kitties.

We decided to try the Broadview Bird and Animal Hospital. Abby seemed to like it and did quite well. She was a hit with everyone except for one little growly dog that kept growling at her. There were a lot of birds--big colorful parrots! Abby didn't express any interest in any of them. We got a 3-month supply of heartworm medicine and some "greenies" that she liked to keep her teeth in good shape. The vet gave her a small biscuit treat too so she was happy, wagging her tail with the dental chew in her mouth as she left. She also lost some weight since we got her going from 55 pounds to 48 so that was good too. We were told to just keep doing what we're doing. Abby wrote about her vet visit in her Dogster Diary at "My Trip To The Vet Was Fun.

Yesterday it was the cats' turn. Manny decided he wasn't going and I could not get him into the carrier so just took Spunky Doodle and off we went. I am actually glad Manny didn't come because the vet said it wasn't necessary for him to come since the annual shot wasn't that important and he still had two years left on his rabies shot. Whew! He saved me $97! Yes, the wellness exam, stool analysis and the annual shot for Spunky Doodle came to $97.00! Oh, and the exam involved petting Spunky, and looking at her ears. I don't recall her even checking her teeth but was happy she said I didn't have to bring Manny. Of course, he wrote about this on his blog at "No, No, I Wont Go!" which you might enjoy read.

I did a price comparison with another vet place nearby and it came out the same but they didn't even have the heartworm medicine there but said they could order it. Maybe we'll be sticking with Dr. Hart after all. I have one more area one I'd like to check out first. What a hassle!!


Daisy said...

Finding a vet that you like and trust is so important! We were very lucky that our new holistic vet is less than 2 miles from our house. We were looking for a small practice with just one doctor, which we found that we prefer.

The Author said...

Finding a good vet you like and trust is so important. Glad Abby is doing so well.

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