Friday, July 10, 2009

6 Things I Learned This Week of 2009-Part 27

Fruit Flies

At Keeper of The Home I learned how to get rid of fruit flies: pour about a teaspoon of Pine-Sol in all her drains every day until they are gone. Then about once or twice a week after that. Also, she wipes her sink with it. Be sure not to run any water for about an hour after pouring it down the drains. Pine-Sol is also a disinfectant.

New Blog Discovered for Pet Owners

I came across a new blog called Pet Pride for pet owners. What's different about this one is that each week you get to leave a link to a post about your pet through Mr. Linky. A nice way to get a link to your blog and also find posts about others pets.

Dog License

I finally got around to getting a dog license for our new doggie, Abby. I found out the Drug Mart nearby has them so got it after work on Monday.
UPDATED 7/11/09: She lost the tag in just 5 days along with the contact tag we made for her at PetSmart which she posted about on her blog: I Feel Naked!

Networked Blogs Widget

I just discovered how to add the NetworkedBlogs widget from Facebook to my blogs this week. There's so much to learn about Facebook! Thanks to all who follow my blogs! I am flattered. I just got up to 50 followers this week through Blogger
Friends Connect--yea!

Enlarge Text on Websites

Most may know this, but I just found out from Fatherlyours you can enlarge the text on any Web page. In Windows, press Ctrl and the
plus or minus keys (for bigger or smaller fonts); on the Mac, it’s the
Command key and plus or minus. Read Tech Tips For The Basic Computer User for more great tips.


According to the Ohio Lawyer--July/August 2009, three out of 10 Internet users visit Facebook every month! Do you? Just leave a yes or no comment and we can see if this statistic is true, but need you to participate either way. Please! If you'd like, share something you learned this week as well.


Daisy said...

Nobuddy in my family is on Facebook! I am going to check out the Pet Pride blog now.

Lin said...

No on the Facebook.

Love your dog photos. Little did your dog pally know how well loved she would be in her new home!! That's very sweet, Karen.

Sandee said...

You and Gerard have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Ratty said...

I'm definitely going to try your fruit fly remedy. I'm still behind the times as far as Facebook goes. I don't have it because I don't understand it yet.

admin said...

I finally got a Facebook account last month after a friend kept yelling at me to get one. I have had nonstop old friends adding me. I have not heard from some of them for over 20 years.

If I ever have a problem with fruit flies I pour a bit of bleach down the drains before bed. Fruit flies breed in standing water so it stops them from breeding in the P traps overnight.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Interesting to learn how pine-sol can stop fruit flies.

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: Nice to see you on the Pet Pride blog! One day, I predict you too shall be on Facebook!

Lin: Thanks! We love Abby very much!

Sandee: Thanks!

Ratty: Be sure to check out Melissa Erickson's fruit fly remedy too--she commented right after you.

Melissa: Welcome to Facebook! I joined because a friend talked me into it too, but I really like it. Thanks for sharing your fruit fly solution.

Cheyenne-Millie: Thanks for letting me know you learned something here--I appreciate the comment!

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