Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's A Cyst Aspiration?

I never heard of such a thing until last Tuesday when I had one done at Parma Community Hospital. Apparently, a couple cysts showed up on my mammogram and so a biopsy was ordered as a follow-up measure before they knew for sure. Biopsy is a scary word because it's connected with cancer and I never had anything like that before. When I went, the doctor said she was going to try an asperation first and then if she didn't get anything, would then do the the ultrasound core biopsy.

The cyst aspiration was really painless and I had very nice nurses, technicians and doctor who did a great job at getting me to relax by discussing books, including the one I wrote, and my vacation. First, they brought me a very nice lightweight blanket that felt like it had just come out of a microwave. The room was a bit cool so it felt very good. The one nurse mentioned that I'm very organized which made me feel good. Everyone who knows me agrees that I am an organized person but wondered how she knew. She was very observant, noticing I came prepared with a book to read while waiting and a folder with all my doctor orders in it and a list of my medication.

Then they arranged me so I could see the ultrasound picture as the doctor poked the needle into the cysts and removed fluid which will be analyzed to see what type of cells is in it. I could also see the clock now which I was happy about. They numbed the area so I really didn't feel any pain at all, just some pressure. It hurt way more when I got hit with the softball on my leg. One of the nurses even brought me some cookies when it was over. I didn't eat a big lunch because the brochure I got said not to so I was pretty hungry by 2:45 p.m.

The procedure was a success but afterward the doctor thought there may be a third area to look at so ordered another mammogram. I didn't understand how they could do a mammogram without busting open my bandaged area but they did and it was just a little uncomfortable but didn't really hurt. The technology was amazing to me. I won't really know the results until my other surgeon gets back from vacation so made the follow-up appointment for August 17.

Thanks for making this scary experience very pleasant Paula, Airy and Dr. Hollier. Now I wait some more.

This is the shirt I usually wear when going to see a doctor because I hate waiting and wasting my time off at a doctor's office. This trip took me 2.75 hours and I knew my husband was anxious for some news.


Daisy said...

Oh gosh, that sounds very scairty! I am crossing my paws that your biopsy results are all good.

Sandee said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything turns out okay. I know firsthand how scary this type of thing is. :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Daisy & Sandee: Thanks for your support. Today they called and said I need to come back for another one--apparently a third cyst showed up-arrgh! I'm just trying to keep a positive attitude and not worry. I hate having to take days of for this though. That's what bothers me most.

Jude said...

All the best Karen, I'm certainly hoping for good news and I'm sure your faith will see you through. I'll say a prayer.

Lin said...

I'm saying a couple of extra prayers that you get good results back. There have been so many advances now in detection and treatment--amazing.

Love the t-shirt!

Mrs4444 said...

This is a really great post, because you described your procedures so calmly (other people might feel better if they ever have to have it done.) Good luck with your results; I'm sure you'll be fine.

BTW, I love your new photos you put up.



Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Jude: Thanks for taking time to comment and letting me know you'll pray for me.

Lin: Thanks for your prayers! I'm not too worried. Glad you like my shirt! My husband has one just like it.

Mrs. 4444: Thanks, I thought it might be helpful to someone. I had no clue what it would be like but felt better after taking to my sister who had it done a few years ago. I have so many pictures, it's hard to choose. Glad you like the ones I picked!

Lucky Lady: Thanks for the support! I'm just going on the assumption that everything is fine unless I hear differently. No point in worrying about nothing. Going to doctors though is just such an inconvenience!

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