Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things That Currently Bug Us

Life is really good for us and we really aren't experience any major troubles right now which we are thankful for.  There are a few little things though that are like gnats that are currently bugging us.  Want to know what they are?  No?  then move on.  Yes? then keep on reading.  Here's our list:

Can you guess what bugs Gerard about the top shelf?
  1. Gerard just told me the other day that if we would use a different bowl for Abby's food, we could have all three bowls in our bear plate set on the shelf and it would look better.  We've been using one of these bowls for close to a year at least and he just mentioned that it bothered him.  This cracked me up that such a thing bugged him.  I immediately looked for a different bowl for Abby and found one. 

  2. This is NOT good!

    Yesterday, the rubber stripping at the bottom of my middle van door came loose again, impeding the opening and closing of the door.  This bugs me because we use this door every week when we visit the skilled care facilities with Abby.  I already had this problem fixed once before and now it happened again.   

  3. These stains are too tough for these three cleaners.
  4. We have these stubborn stains in our den and I've tried three different cleaners to try getting them out but none have worked. Granted, the Nature's Miracle says to use it first or it will react with the previous chemicals used and won't work. Well, of the three, it still seemed to work best. I used it on the spot farthest right and at least it foamed up and made it lighter. It's supposed to draw the urine out of the carpet. That first one, the foam just made the spot bigger and the Bissell stomp n go didn't seem to do anything at all. It is the easiest one to use though. Hopefully it will work on stains not set in better!
  5. These were so good--a gift from my ex-boss for Christmas.
  6. I went to the cupboard to have a piece of my Malley's candy and was shocked to find only three pieces left! Last I looked, there were like three whole rows left! I did say Gerard could have "some" too, but he ate practically the whole box! These were really good creams so I packed the last three pieces into my lunch bag. Guess he felt bad because he just bought two big special dark Hershey chocolate bars and told me I could have one--he just found out that a little dark chocolate is good for you.  Gerard says, "NO, I DID NOT EAT THE WHOLE BOX!  I KNOW WHAT I ATE, AND I KNOW I DIDN'T!" (I think I had about 6 pieces, at the most 8.)

  7. I really like this pen . . . I'd like it more if I didn't have to tape it..
  8. The free YAMMER pen I got writes nice with a fine line which I like, and is wide so easy to hold. The only trouble is that the clicker won't stay down to keep the point out. I taped it down with scotch tape, but it only holds for a day and then I have to retape it the next day.

  9. Finally, having lights on in an empty room bugs me. I see no reason for this, but Gerard does it every time he vacuums. He says it's easier because then he doesn't have to turn the lights on and off while he maneuvers the vacuum cleaner around. I guess I can see that at least makes a little sense, right? But why put on both lights in the dining room while he goes to walk the dog? I even turn out the one light and turn it back on when it's near time for his return. 
What's bugging you lately?  Here's your chance to sound off.
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    Rebecca Jo said...

    HAHA... I love you tape down your pen. I hate when my favorite pens run out of ink & I cant get them replaced.

    We used to have that same color green carpet in our house & it was awful getting stains up. We finally invested in a carpet cleaning machine. I dont miss it at all.

    Sandee said...

    We use a steam cleaner for our carpets and it takes out everything that needs taking out. I never use these sprays. I never thought they worked and the elbow grease that's required is way too much work. They make really good carpet cleaners that really keep your carpets nice and clean.

    The biggest thing that bugs me is drivers on the road. Some are just plain crazy.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    BeadedTail said...

    How funny about the chocolate! At least you got the last three pieces! :) Hope you figure out something for your carpet. They look pretty permanent in that photo but maybe something will work yet. What's bugging me lately is the lack of sunlight here! I'm tired of the dreary, cold days!

    Ann in the UP said...

    How maddening to have your gift box of chocolates "raided".

    Here's what makes me peevish. My DH takes stuff out of the refrigerator which needs to be pitched, then he leaves it on the counter. Finish the job, honey!

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