Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mischief: Closet Adventure by Manny Boy

We have the most interesting closet ever!  It is in the bathroom.  After I made my mom chase me around the house before letting her brush my teeth and her calling me a wuss, I figured I'd show her.  When she opened the bathroom closet door, I went in and pushed aside the bag blocking the secret passage to the basement!  C'mon, I'll show you!

Mom said, "No Manny!  Don't go in there!  Just look though how tempting it is.  There's a little ledge on both sides that I could easily walk on.  It would be too high a jump for me to leap off though but I think that's what my mom thought might happen.  I am smarter than to do that, mom.

I am not a reckless cat. Although I may be curious, I am also quite cautious. See me checking it all out first? I also waited for my mom to turn around before I went in. She really didn't think I would but boy, did I fool her!

Here I go!  Who's the wuss now, mom?

I'm in!  I did it!  Hey look! I have to give some credit to the Mischief Master Class Book that inspired me to do "Rule No. 17--Try something new."

See, down there!!  I can see the green table with the two paint-by-number pictures setting on it that is next to my litter box!  You can't really tell what a big jump down it is, but trust me, it's far!

These pictures were all re-enacted because the first time I did this, my mom was too worried and freaked out to get the camera!  She looked away and when she turned back, I was gone.  Then I popped my head through the opening and came back out.  She was very relieved.  I guess she decided I wouldn't do anything too crazy so asked me nicely to go in again so she could get pictures for this Monday Mischief post.  I made her wait a day but agreed it would make for a good mischief post so cooperated eventually.

Now mom has decided to move this big hamper in front instead of the paper bag to block off the secret passage and ruin our fun.  She says she doesn't want to take any chances that me or Spunky will get even braver and go out into the basement ceiling.

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Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

That was cool that your human recreated the scene to get some photos... but they CAN be such fun killers! I guess we kitties like to live more dangerously than our humans do.

Lin said... does sorta look like fun...

You are lucky you came back alive to do it again!

Lazey Winde said...

Haha Pout loves to go down cellar even though I worry about him. All he succeeds in going in our cellar is getting really dirty and worry me. Then he comes back all cobwebs and dirty purring and wanting me to pet him.

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