Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Things We Learned This Week

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. Here we go:

Van Repairs

So far so good with the duct tape holding up my mirror on the driver's side of my van. It just dropped off while I was driving last Saturday, held only by a wire! My van passenger door stripping came loose again, and our repair shop said I needed to take it to a body shop to get that fixed, ugh.

A Hole In Our House

When the guys came to upgrade our new water meter, they told us our dryer cover came off where the dryer pipe is. Again, duct tape to the rescue until we can get to Home Depot or Loew's for some caulking to put around it. Good thing they told us, it's on the side of our house that we really don't pass by in the winter. Who knows how long its been off!

Vet News

Spunky and Abby went to the vet Monday. Spunky went from being obese down to being overweight and everything was good for her . . . until we got the results of her stool sample the next day--Giardias (intestinal disease)! They say I should brush her teeth every day though instead of just once a week. Abby was all good except she has a broken tooth and needs an x-ray of it and a dental cleaning. They may have to pull the tooth out too depending on what the x-ray shows. Manny goes next month. Going to the vet is very stressful--never know what they'll find!

Power of Cute

Spunky Doodle as a Kitten

Looking at cute kitten pictures promotes positive emotions in both male and females which promotes more focused attention according to findings at Hiroshima University:
Each test proved that viewing images of kittens and puppies prior to performing a task led to an improved performance, even when compared to seeing pictures of adult dogs and cats, or extremely appetizing food.

But what is it about cute animals that makes a better impression on our attitudes towards work? Each experiment showed candidates had more focused attention after the adorable images triggered positive emotions in both female and male subjects.
--See whole article: Kawaii--The Power of Cute

Monopoly Token Vote

Over at Acting Balanced's post Classic Monopoly, Changes are Coming! I learned that one of the tokens will be discontinued and a new one will take its place. People can vote for their favorite tokens on a Facebook page. Follow the link to read all about it and go vote! I voted to keep the car and of course I chose the cat for the new token. I think they should get rid of the iron.

Super Bowl Commercial Preview

You can see several Doritos 30 sec. commercial choices over at Dogtime and vote for your favorite. Two feature dogs and one a goat. Did you know one 30 sec. Super Bowl commercial costs $3.8 million? This is insane! I can't help but think how that money could be better spent making the world a better place and helping people in need.

Cat Owners

Know what state has the most cat owners? I didn't until I played the Freekibble game today and learned it is Vermont with Maine coming in second. That surprised me about Vermont because it's such a little state.

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Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I was equally as surprised at it being Vermont! I thought it was California! Have a great weekend!


Speaking of sneak previews of Super Bowl was "Too sexy", naturally I had to watch it...and it's for Mercedes Benz....I thought, 'big deal' I've seen worse [or more provocative] TV on soap operas.

Okay, now that I got that off my 'chest'....moving on:

I must agree with viewing puppies and kittens pictures. They're so adorable, they're bound to make one feel good.

Wayne W Smith said...

Heather wants to get rid of the iron too (though I do not believe she knows exactly what it does).

Joyce said...

They're getting rid of a token? For some reason I'm disappointed. I am more a fan of the Monopoly iron than the one in my laundry room : )

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

Our trips to the vet are always stress filled too... my fur baby is overweight too & we're trying to work on that.

I heard about monopoly pieces on the radio. I always wanted to be the dog... we had a similar dog so it was big deal to be that piece :)

Sparkle said...

California, where we live, actually has one of the lowest percentages of cat-owned homes (it is in the bottom 10) - so I am trying to change that!

nancygrayce said...

I've never liked playing board games, but when we did as children, I loved the iron! I like miniature anything!

Oh, I do not know how you brush your cat's teeth! Mine would bite my hand off! Sorry about the hole, but I learned as a child that duct tape will fix about anything!

Tettelestai said...

I am in agreement with you. 3.5 million could be used in many other constructive ways!!!

I think that kitten looks like the classic Sylvester cartoon cat. Very cute!!

Daisy said...

Giardia is a tiny intestinal parasite; usually treated with metronidazole. Glad Spunky's weight is doing good!

Lin said...

I'm with you--those vet visits are so stressful. I worry so much about my little guys. That said, I have to get more serious about getting Hobbes thinner. I have to hide his food now...he's so bored, so all he does is eat. :(

I'm glad you found your dryer vent and fixed it. You have to watch that so critters don't get in!

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