Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Favorite Reads For December and for 2012

Karen's favorite read for December was In Too Deep by Mary Conneally.

In Too Deep by Mary Conneally is the second book of the Kincaid Brides series. It is about Audra and Ethan who enter a marriage of convenience and both are fearful of caring too much and getting hurt. Audra finds out that her former husband stole a fortune and the guy who he stole it from is coming after her because he thinks she knows where it is. The story takes place during 1866 in Colorado territory. Audra and Ethan have some very humorous conversations and both find courage to face their fears.

I liked this book very much because it was a sweet romance without being racy and still had enough adventure and suspense to peak my interest. The first book of the Kincaid Brides series (Out of Control) centered on Ethan’s bossy older brother, Rafe and his wife, Julia who is Audra’s step-daughter. I liked this book much better and give this this 5 stars for good Christian romance. I look forward to reading Over the Edge, the last in the series, about the youngest brother, Seth.

Gerard's favorite read for December was Comet's Tale by Steven D. Wolf 

What an amazing true story Comet's Tale by Steven D. Wolf is!  Steven Wolf saved Comet from a bad fate, then Steve's health took a turn for the worse and Comet came through for him.  Comet became the first ever Greyhound service dog.  Find out by reading the book why Comet was named the "Service Dog of the Year."  If you like feel-good stories, start off the new year with this one! Thanks for sharing your story, Mr. Wolf, and give Comet a treat for me and my dog, Abby.  LOVED this book! (rating 5++)

And for our favorites for the year, we made two videos: One for non-fiction favorites and one for fiction favorites. You can see our reviews over at Grab A Book From Our Stack by searching for the book title or author.

(I'm having trouble embedding the videos--they keep changing to Spunky's kitty condo one for some unknown reason, so here's the links if needed too (Fiction Books--; Non-Fiction Books--

Our 2012 Non-fiction Favorites

Our 2012 favorite fiction books:


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Sandee said...

You two love to read like hubby and I do. It's so relaxing to be reading a good book. You just get lost in the pages. I love that.

Have a terrific day. :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Didn't know you two loved reading too. I love reading on the bus to and from work.

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