Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Suggestions for The Biggest Loser Show--Love It!

Me and my cat, Manny, love "The Biggest Loser" show!  It started on Sunday night for two hours and followed up with another two hours on Monday.  I DVRd it so it only took me three hours to watch instead of four.  I had planned to just watch the first show but it was so good, I couldn't stop and watched the second show too. This show is so inspirational when you watch it from the beginning to end and see the contestants transform both in attitude and appearance.

This season, for the first time, they are including three obese kids, all of which are very likable and you just can't help but pull for them.  I loved that they get to participate in the challenges with the adults in fun ways.  They train separately and are not at the ranch the whole time so they can continue their normal life at home but the trainers check in with them and all three trainers get to work with all three kids.  The kids are very happy to be there and I was glad that the trainers took a different approach in training them than they do with the adults.  Even Jillian (the mean trainer) was actually nice to them and related to them well, sharing some of her background.

Another change they made at least at the beginning this season, is that the contestants do not get to vote off anyone, but instead the one who loses the least weight on the losing team is the one to go.  This is a fairer weigh of eliminating people; however, because of the second week "curse" (if someone loses a whole lot the first week, usually the second week is a bad one for them).  In this case, I felt it was very unfair that Nathan had to leave even though he lost 25 pounds in just two weeks (20 the first week, only 5 the second week).  Yes, his team lost but others on the show lost less than he did.  I just didn't seem right to me and I am not the only one.  When I read their Facebook Fan page, there were lots of comments about the unfairness of this.  I'm thinking somehow, he'll be back, I hope!

Here are some suggestions I think the show should consider making:

  • I suggest that they address the second week "curse" issue by using a combined weight loss including both the first and second weeks to compensate for this occurrence.  Either that, or let those who lose 15 or more pounds in the first week get a free pass the second week.  
  • The first three weeks I'd like to see them work with the trainers without teams.  If they would wait to set up the teams, they could see who clicks best with which trainer, and balance out the teams better.  Just sayin'.  I don't know why they don't do it this way.
  •  Tell Jillian to clean up her language and treat the contestants with respect.  I don't know what got into her, but she was beyond tough, she was downright disrespectful.  She does liven things up on the show and I like how she pushes them to do better; however, she needs to treat people with respect.  
  • I would appreciate not seeing the people actually vomit.  That was just disgusting.
  • Finally, for the time being, I hate when teams get pound advantages in the weigh-in for winning a challenge.  This really doesn't seem right at all to me because it could hurt the team who lost the most weight which is what this show is all about.  A better reward would be an extra hour of training one-on-one with the trainer of their choice or even a personal type reward.  
What do you think about this show and my suggestions for improvement?  Do you watch?  

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Rebecca Jo said...

I totally agree... Jillian has been extra harsh this time. There's a time for tough love, but she's beyong tough - ALL the time.

BeadedTail said...

I haven't seen the Biggest Loser yet this year since I have to get up at 3:40am to get to the gym myself. I wasn't so sure about Jillian coming back for the reasons you said. She doesn't need to be like that. I'll have to watch the show On Demand and see what it's all about this year! The first guy sent home was from a town 9 miles from us. A contestant from a prior year is from the same town as TC and lost 150 lbs and now teaches spinning at our gym. I haven't been to his class yet since it's at 6:15am and I go to the gym at 4am.

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