Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saying Good-Bye To Our Friend, Sadie

Sadie on One of Her Strolls

We will all miss Sadie very much because we enjoyed joining her on her Sadie Day strolls.  Just look at the big smile!  Sadie was always a very happy dog but recently was diagnosed with Cancer and lost her appetite and became lethargic.  She let her humans know it was time for her to go to the rainbow bridge and they are very sad, but know that it was the right time to let her go.

In honor of my doggie friend, I had a great time at the park today and made lots of people smile along the way.  Right before we left, I was surrounded with lots of little kids who were getting ready to play soccer but took time to pet me all up.   I wish I could share pictures with you, but my mom did not bring the camera along today.  She is not as good about sharing my walks as Sharla was about taking pictures of Sadie's strolls.  I will really miss Sadie's funny jokes too and her lovely Ha-roo-roo laugh!   Although I am not as big as Sadie, I think I look very much like her and will try to follow in her footsteps of being a great wolfie to my cat sisfurs and also enjoying every day with a big smile.

Our sincere condolences go out to Sadie's parents and grandparents as well as to Angel and Isabella who all will miss Sadie very, very much.  Have a great romp on the other side of the the Rainbow Bridge, Sadie.  Woof!  Woof! 

Here's the link to Sadie's Saying Goodbye post if you haven't seen it yet. Sadie had many friends in the Blogosphere and will be greatly missed.  We all feel like we know her!

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Sandee said...

It's so very sad. They don't stay with us long enough as it is, but cancer is just awful.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to Abby. :)

Lin said...

That was a very nice post in Sadie's honor. :) It's funny how we have all become such good friends even though we don't know each other in person. I know when Abby was attacked, we were all very concerned and said lots of prayers for her too. Sometimes we get good outcomes, sometimes not so much. I know I gave my kitties an extra big hug today, remembering how things can change too quickly in our lives.

I'm sure gonna miss that Sadie and her beautiful smile. :(

Mike Golch said...

I read about Sadie,and it saddened me. the posting reminded about Harvey who had cancer as well.

BeadedTail said...

Abby, thank you for this lovely post honoring Sadie. She would be very happy that you made so many people smile on Sadieday. We miss her so much and although she told us it was time, our hearts are broken. We're glad she shared her sweet spirit through our blog.

Angel, Isabella and Sharla

Sparkle said...

We were very sad here too. My human is actually at the BlogPaws conference this weekend in Salt Lake City, and a lot of the bloggers there shared about Sadie. There were a lot of tears.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is so hard to say goodbye. The relationship between man and dog is a very special one. ((HUGS))

Ann in the UP said...

What a lovely dog, and I know she was very much loved. Not only by her own people but by so many who only knew about her.

I'm glad they leave us with so many happy memories when they go.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sandee: I agree, no matter how long we have them, we want them longer!

Lin: Definitely the highlight of blogging is all the friends we make through it. I spent extra time with my pets this weekend too!

Mike: I knew your cat crossed the bridge but didn't know it had Cancer. Very sad.

Beaded Tail: It is heartbreaking when we hear of people whose pets cross the bridge because we've experienced it too. Glad you liked Abby's post in honor of Sadie.

Sparkle: Wow, that just goes to show how much people care and how close friendships do develop through blogging.

Debby: Pets are a part of a family and we certainly get attached to them very quickly.

Ann: Yes, I agree. We have lots of happy memories of our first cat.

Unknown said...

Goodbye to Sadie and condolences to you both as you move without her.

Mrs4444 said...

what a sweet dog. I went over and left my condolences. Sweet post.

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