Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indians Game With Creative Visors

It's so bright--look what we made!

I went to the Indians 12:05 game last Wednesday--a beautiful day for baseball! I got to go as a chaperone for the classes from the elementary school where I tutored. The kids had to leave before the game ended to catch their bus, but I was able to stay to the end. It was only around 70 degrees, but we were sitting in the sun and my arms got sunburned. At least I got some Vitamin D! Anyhow, it actually felt warmer than that and some of the kids tore their popcorn containers open to use as visors to keep the sun out of their eyes. I thought that was pretty creative. I had my Indians cap on, of course.

After the kids left, I was sitting alone and had three empty rows in front of me. Between innings towards the end, three park employees threw balls, shirts, and Cracker Jack into the stands. I almost got a t-shirt but one of the men sitting about 5 rows in front of me climbed up to the row just in front of me. Here comes a shirt heading right for me but a little short. As I reached out for it, the guy slid over and reached for it before I could get it. Oh well, it was just a plain white shirt with a big red "C" on the front of it anyhow. I felt better missing out when I saw how it looked.

In relatively an uneventful game except for the one inning when we scored three runs, at least I got to see them make it exciting in the 9th.  The Indians were down by 3 runs in the 9th and loaded the bases with only 1 out and our cleanup hitter at the plate. I was so hoping for a big come-from-behind walk-off grand slam home run finish but guess what. It was not to be. Instead, Lopez, the cleanup hitter, hit into a game ending double play.  GO TRIBE!

For a good baseball book about an unlikely coach and his small-town high school team, read One Shot at Forever by Chris Ballard.

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Marg said...

That sounds like a fun thing to go to a baseball game. Our person used to love to watch baseball on TV. Glad you had a good time.

BeadedTail said...

Glad you had a nice day for a ball game! Bummer about the shirt but at least it wasn't one you really wanted.

Ann in the UP said...

I agree that the kids were very creative, making such good sunshade out of what was at hand. They might have had salty hair, but better than a sunburn.

I wish I could be so pleased about my team's performance! The Tigers are giving me fits! Life was cheerier when I didn't care!

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