Thursday, June 28, 2012

Devastating Monster Wildfire in Colorado--PRAY

image source:  Reuters/Rick Wilking

I am praying for the firefighters trying to get out the wildfire in Colorado and other western states as well.  It seems they are having an especially hard time because of the winds which keep changing.  The Waldo-Canyon fire has spread to Colorado Springs, a large city, causing 35,000 to leave their homes, probably to burn.  I feel so bad for these people and can only imagine the hurt, sadness, and devastation they are going through.

When I saw on Facebook that our youth minister's parents and sisters had to evacuate and are involved in this, that's when I started to pray.  Our youth minister is currently at Word of Life camp in New York with a lot of our youth this week and am sure this news has put a damper on his spirit.  I hope you will join me in praying for him, his family and the many other people who have been evacuated and will probably lose their homes as well as the firefighters in the effort to extinguish this "monster."   

I hear people knock Facebook but it really is a great tool to keep in touch with people you know and share quickly what is happening in your life with those who care.

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BeadedTail said...

We've been watching the fires in CO closely since we used to live there and know people in the areas affected. It's so tragic and I hope they get some rain to end this devastation soon.

Mrs4444 said...

I will pray, Karen; it's devastating. Thankfully, they most likely have a lot of faith, too, and will get through this without too much trauma.

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