Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disc Golf?

A First-Time Player--Got a Disc for a gift and trying it out.
At Veteran's Memorial Park on State Rd. in Parma, Ohio, we discovered a disc golf course.  I just thought it was Frisbee golf which I was introduced to at Malone College but found out there are actual tournaments and the discs look like Frisbees, but are weighted.  Some enthusiasts actually bring a whole bag of them that are different weights, similar to golf clubs.  There are 18 holes.

Different discs fly differently
We met this guy who started playing two years ago and has quite a collection of discs that he was kind enough to lay out for us. He said they do different things based on their size, weight and how he throws them.

Abby and Gerard showing me the new way through the park.

Our dog, Abby, likes walking through the woods and showed me some of the disc golf holes. There are numbered signs where you start just like on a regular golf course.  The first one starts at a big hill but as we walked along, we came to hole No. 2 without seeing hole No. 1 or the tee for No. 2. 

The "holes" are wire cages that you are supposed to get the disc into and are numbered.

If you look around, you may find signs directing you toward the next hole on trees.  I didn't see any tree sign for the start of hole No. 2 though.

Abby likes walking through the tall grass.

I wanted to try to find all 18 holes, but Abby had other ideas so off I went to follow Abby and Gerard. I'll explore more another day.

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Lin said...

Colin plays this at school all the time. It's a great way for them to get out walking OUTSIDE and getting some exercise. He's got a couple of those discs too. I don't think we have that around here anywhere though.

Sharkbytes said...

Disc golf is big here. There are 5 local courses, so our county has been the site of the state tournament several times.

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