Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Things We Learned This Week 35 of 2011 (Blogging, NFL, Petties, Femara, pets)

Attack Site Warning

Thanks to Daisy, I learned that if a blog that is in your blogroll gets hacked, Google will mark your blog as an "attack site." Because of this, Daisy took down her blogroll. Of course everyone knows, Daisy, The Curly Cat is not an attack site!  I felt very bad for Daisy when such an awful thing as this happened to her.  I did a whole post about this last Sunday:  Your Blogroll Could Cause Problems.

NFL Football

When watching the preseason games I learned that every scoring play will be reviewed this season. It's good to get the plays called right, but doesn't this seem a bit overboard?

From reading Growing Up Colt, I learned he doesn't drink soft drinks or alcohol, he's from Texas, Colt is his middle name, he's been on mission trips to Peru to teach kids how to play football, he got married right before coming to the Cleveland Browns and cut his honeymoon short, he attends church every Sunday and is a great role model.

The Petties 2011 Award Winners

Spunky Likes Mr. Puddy too!
Did you vote? I did. Yes, there was actual voting going on for different categories of pet blogs and some of mine actually won like Sparkle, Cat Lady Land and The Conscious Cat, but Mr. Puddy did not win for the funniest which is who I voted for. He sure did an outstanding post though announcing the winners here: Who Is The Winner Of The Petties 2011! Even all our pets were interested in this. Check it out and then let me know if you don't agree that he is one funny, very smart cat!


Blogger has "upgraded" it's format.  I tried it but don't like it much, although it loaded faster.  Have you tried it yet?  If so, what do you think of it? 


Spunky Doodle's ear infection cleared up--Yea!

From now on, whenever we have visitors or workmen come over, I'm putting our dog on the leash. This is the second time she ran out loose! Related posts: Our New Chairs Arrived and My Stressful Day Cost $580!


When I got my Femara prescription refilled, I learned that finally there is a generic pill for Femara now. Good thing! The cost of my one-month supply of Femara keeps rising: now it's up to over $600! My insurance is covering it now though for the rest of this year since I reached the deductible.

Best Friends

We had 255 comments in August and for September, will donate 50 cents per comment to Best Friends Animal Society. We were thrilled to hear that Beaded Tail who has two cats and a dog like us, made a donation to sponsor two cats. Here is the email we received from them:
I just sponsored two cats for now - Lita and Raisin Delight. I was bawling reading all the stories of the animals. I didn't realize there were so many there from Hurricane Katrina and also Michael Vick's dogs. I'm glad they are in such a caring place now though.

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Daisy said...

Best Friends Animal Society is such a great charity! I wish their TV series would come back on, I really enjoyed it.

Ann in the UP said...

I'm still in Chicago so my cats have nothing to add to this comment, but I will tell you that Tony delayed the start of our trip by shooting out the door while I was putting the suitcases out on the stoop.

No treats or tuna would tempt him to come close to me. There was some muttering going on, for sure! When it started to drizzle he came close enough to catch. He doesn't like wetness.

HH and The Boys said...

Great list of things you learned this week... Have a good weekend.

pawhugs, Max

Unknown said...

So sorry that your friend's site got hacked.... it seems that the hackers were very busy this week, another friend's site was plagued too...

Brandi. said...

I don't like the updated Blogger thing either.

BeadedTail said...

I was chicken to upgrade the new blogger since I'm afraid of it messing up the way I do things. When I have more time to figure it out I might try it.

There are several rules we're not too sure about in football this year like the kickoff change. They changed things that weren't necessarily in need of changing.

Thanks for the mention with Best Friends! I hope more people sponsor animals!

Sparkle said...

I loved Mr. Puddy's post too - but then, he is ALWAYS funny!

We love Best Friends - my human gives them a big donation every year.

P.S. Thanks so much for voting for me!

Doreen said...

I was feeling good until I read the part about Michael Vick's dogs...I am still so on the fence about him.
I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Kay said...

I have not tried the new blogging thing, I am a bit nervous about it. Change is rough on me ;-)

Folks usually ask me to put my dog up when they over for work. One of my friends has a dog that just takes off if she gets near an open door!! It can be quite scary!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I don't like the new Blogger much

Lin said...

I tried the new Blogger thing, but I just don't have time to learn something new. I like the stats and such, but it just took me too much time to maneuver about, so I ditched it. I don't know--I may go back.

Bummer about Daisy's blog. Criminy, I was really surprised to see that she got that warning. Sheesh! Daisy of all blogs! She's such a sweetie!

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