Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Not Celebrate?

I sure enjoyed watching the Cleveland Browns football game yesterday.  Actually, it was pretty dull until the 4th quarter came.  The Browns were down by 6 and were having trouble offensively all game.  Then Colt McCoy (QB) put together one long drive from the 20 yd line in the last 4 minutes of the game to score a touchdown, giving us a one point lead.

Naturally, the guy who scored was ecstatic and another player joined him in a bit of a celebration.  Unfortunately, celebrating is against the rules in football which to me makes no sense at all.  I think it is a ridiculous rule.  I like to see the players get excited!  What's wrong with that?  Baseball has no such stupid rule, why does football?  Anyhow, because of that, the Browns were penalized and had to kickoff from farther back, giving the Dolphins slightly better field position with just a little under two minutes left.  All they needed was a field goal to win it.

I was yelling at the defense to stop them and they finally did!  Adams got an interception around midfield and then time ran out with us having the ball giving the Browns a 2-1 record and the Dolphins 0-3.  (Sorry, Daisy).

Seriously though, don't you think that celebration rule is stupid?

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Lucinda said...

The celebration rule is followed in my son's youth football league too. No matter your age you should be allowed to celebrate a job well done. We are a Steelers family and they had a night game which always means a fight at bedtime. I have to admit the 4th quarter after my son went to bed was really good. :)

BeadedTail said...

At least your team has something to celebrate! Our team sure doesn't. :(

Stasha said...

Right there with you, absurd doesn't even begin to describe this rule!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Woo hoo, for you guys! (not said sarcastically) I'm not a football fan, but I did watch Monday night football with the in-laws and it was actually fun for 2 reasons. 1: It was the last quarter and 2: They keep the volume off (most of the time) so we can talk. They're fun.

Karen and Gerard said...

Lucinda: Aw, sad your son missed the end. The Steelers have had good teams through the years (unlike the Browns). Hopefully we will get to that level soon too! I have high hopes now that we have Colt McCoy as QB.

Beaded Tail: Yes, so true! Sad for you guys. Do the Browns get to play you this year? Hope so!

Stasha: Thanks for your comment. Instead of changing the kickoff point, they should change this rule I think! It seems to me it is not called consistently either.

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