Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sofa Bed Is Finally Moved!

Notice, there's no room for it to open.
When we first moved in 14 years ago, the movers were very happy to hear that this sofa bed was going on the main floor because it is SO heavy. We put it in our "music room" which is now our "computer room." I used it for a shelf and the cats liked walking on it.
The cats liked lying on it too sometimes.
It was our first cat, Moe's, final resting spot before he died. Sometimes, if Gerard is on the computer and I am waiting to go on again, I'll sit on it and read, but not often. I've been wishing it were in the basement instead for a long time now and finally decided to call a mover to move it downstairs for us. Unfortunately, the mover I called kept putting me off. He'd say he would come and do it and then not show up. Said he was going to call me but lost my number. Said he was gone for a week so that's why he didn't call. Blah, blah, blah. Finally, I took Gerard's advice and called Parma Movers instead who responded within a few days.

Down the basement stairs it goes!
Two young strong men quickly took care of it for us but took it out the front door and around through the side door to go straight down instead of manipulating it around the corner. I put Abby on her leash right away and closed the cats in upstairs rooms. Gerard took Abby out for a walk around the block and by the time he got back, the sofa bed was in it's new location in the basement and no pets got out.  Yippee!
Now we have room to open it up if we want to use it as a bed and have something we can lay on while watching TV in the basement. It was nice to cuddle up with Gerard on it while we watched reruns of "The Waltons" down there. Now I'm just debating whether to move that big picture above it back upstairs. I am so happy it is down there now. It cost us $157 but well worth it to me. Even the movers said it was heavier than they thought it would be.  There's no way we could have moved this ourselves and I didn't want to ask any of our friends or nephews to do it because I didn't want them getting hurt.

So, what are you procrastinating about?

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Ann in the UP said...

Hooray for you, being smart enough to hire the pros to do the moving job! I am procrastinating about having my carpets cleaned.

The sofa looks nice in that spot, too.

Daisy said...

That looks like a great spot for it! My Mommeh always procrastinates on doing the cleaning, because it is no fun to do!

Karen said...

You were so smart to have someone professional come to move it. Back troubles have a way of starting with stuff like furniture moving. We had a heavy hide-a-bed like that for many years.

Unknown said...

Great! Now there will be a place for me to sleep over when I come visit :)

BeadedTail said...

That's great that you got some movers to put the sofa bed somewhere where you can actually use it now! We were procratinating for 4 years about painting the trim around the 2nd floor windows in the back of the house but finally rented a really tall ladder and painted them a couple of weeks ago. Yay!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Looks good... the answer to your question? Almost everything possible. It's one of my true talents

Lin said...

That was smart! I would never have thought to hire movers for that job.

I've been putting off anything that is going to cost a lot these days. I have Colin's tuition bill due this month. Ugh.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

The sofa looks really nice in its new position! And I love that photo of Manny! He looks so happy. :)

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