Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Shoot A Video People Will Watch

I think this is a good video by Steve Stockman that gives some great tips from his book, How To Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck.

I will definitely work at following these tips the next time I shoot video. It will save on my editing time, I'm sure.

1. Think in shots. Shoot for only 5 - 10 seconds at a time.

2. Treat the video camera like a still camera: move close, point, shoot (5-10 seconds), stop.

3. Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes. Get the expression of people's faces.

4. Refrain from using the zoom, move your feet closer.

5. Keep it short!
Thinking in shots and not shooting until seeing the white's of their eyes were new tips for me.  This is the first I've heard of these and am very curious as to what other tips are included in the book.  I just may have to get this one!

Now, go shoot a video using these tips and feel free to include the link in the comments so we can see how it turned out.  (I heard about this book in an email I got from Kodak.)   

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Ann in the UP said...

Great tips! I don't even own a video camera, but I may have to go out and get one. LOL

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Good one, Karen! I dislike videos (making them and watching them) because they are so time consuming and because they rarely come out as clear as I like. But I may just do a little experimenting now.

I think video software also is important. I love the effects in videos! But I can rarely make them super-nice. They always look so cheesy. Maybe it's because I have the cheesy software!

Daisy said...

We learned definitely not to make them too long. My Mommeh is so happy because since the new computer came with Windows 7, she can use Windows Movie Maker to edit the HD Flip videos now!

BeadedTail said...

Good tips! I haven't made a video in awhile but I'll keep these tips in mind.

Sparkle said...

Oh, these are great tips! Before she was a writer and magazine editor, my human was actually an assistant film editor for a couple of years and before that she was a student filmmaker! And she gives these all a thumbs up, especially the last one. If any of my videos run longer than a minute, it has to be for a really good reason! I am embarrassed to admit how many videos I have fast forwarded through because they were 1) just one long shot for minutes and minutes, and 2) so monotonous - just a cat taking forever to do whatever he was supposed to do. Everyone who shoots video should have a simple editing program (many are free or very cheap) so they can "cut to the chase," so to speak.

Karen and Gerard said...

Ann in the Up: Some digital cameras can also take video. Then you can upload it to the computer from the memory card, just like you do with photos.

Rebecca: I like using movie maker to edit my vidoes. It's really easy and has lots of options to use. You are right though, videos do take up a lot of time to make. I am getting a little faster at it though.

Daisy: I like movie maker too--use it all the time! I try to keep my videos between 1 and 2 minutes but sometimes they go longer. I know yours are usually less than a minute. Very good!

Beaded Tail: I noticed you don't do video on your blog. I look forward to seeing some of your pets in action one day! Movie maker for editing video or even making one just using photos is really easy to use and included on my computer.

Sparkle: I just use the movie maker that comes on the computer--it works very well! Thanks of your comment, really appreciate it! Glad to hear these tips are "right on."

Controlling My Chaos said...

This has some really good tips. I might actually attempt some video now. :)

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