Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insulating Our Walls and Attic by USA Insulation

Since our pipes froze last winter we decided our next home improvement project would be insulating our attic and yesterday it was done. Naturally, we had to clear out everything from the attic and tossed out a little over half of what was in it. Some stuff was even in there yet from the previous owner.

We had to take down the pictures on any outside walls just to be on the safe side so that they wouldn't fall down when they drilled holes around the house in the cement between the bricks so that the insulation could be pumped into the walls. The drilling made a lot of noise so our cats got scared and both hid under our bed (shown in video below). I took their food, water and their favorite litter box in there for them, but I don't think they used any of it.

It seals up any cracks and it was obvious we had some in our living room around the bottom of the mirror. (No wonder the couch was always cold.) White fluffy stuff to all over our mirror and the couch and everything that was on it. Fortunately, it was not hard to clean up and the contractor cleaned it all. I took the day off and spent most of it on the computer and taking pictures for this blog post as the project progressed. Here is the video I made to show how things went:

If you want to know more about the procedure and materials used, click hereto check out the video on the USA Insulation web site. That's what convinced me to got with this company.


Carole said...

Wow, that was very interesting, and what a nice accomplishment - besides all that nice cozy insulation, you got your attic cleaned out too - score!

MamaFlo said...

I second Carole, that's cool. Our house could probably use the same treatment.

Daisy said...

That's a big job! I would be hiding under the bed, too. I hope that now your house stays toasty warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. Maybe your energy savings will pay for how much it cost to insulate!

ps: Thank you so much for the award nomination!

wildcatsthree said...

that's quite a job but will be so nice to have it done. No wonder Manny and Spunky were hiding when all that was going on. We usually love commotion in the house, but not when strangers invade it.
Gidget, Lola and Angel

Sandee said...

How cool and it cost much less too. That's always a plus. I hope the kitties are back to normal now.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

Sue said...

My mother just had this done in her house. She even got a refund for doing it through her gas company.

Jodi said...

Wow what a job. Well I sure hope it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer for you at least.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Carole & MamaFlo--I'm glad that job is done and yes, it was about time we got rid of some junk from the attic.

Daisy--Hopefully it will help with our heating bills--I know it's less drafty in our living room and bedroom now. You are welcome by the way. You really have a fantastic blog!

WildCatsThree--Those drills were extremely loud! I used the Feliway where they were hiding too in hopes it would help them relax some. At first Spunky hid under the end table in the computer room with me and Manny laid in the back corner of the living room. Then once things quieted down for a short time they moved to under the bed.

Sandee--Yes, the cats were happy today was a quiet day for them. Actually, they seemed all right later in the day after the workers left. They came out almost as soon as they pulled out of the driveway.

Sue--Good for you mom getting that discount. At least we'll be able to get a nice tax deduction from it.

Jodi--I hope it works too! It better!!

Mountain Woman said...

Oh what a good idea. We have a house that is almost entirely made of glass and windows so there isn't much room for any insulation :(

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