Friday, April 17, 2009

5 Things I Learned Week 15 of 2009

Support The Troops

At Red Pine Mountain I learned about a website that you can sign up on to adopt a troop or a troop member. There is a project called "Operation Shoebox" where Americans can send items that are requested by the soldiers to them through this project. To join in with Mountain Woman in this project, just stop by her blog and leave a message to the troops and she will include it in her shoebox.

Fun Food

I found an easy fun recipe on how to make chocolate bird nests for Easter (or spring) with just melted chocolate and chow mein noodles at Your Fun Family.


Learned how to add the Link Within plug-in this week to both my Blogspot blogs. Learn about it at my previous post: Added Link Within--What Do You Think?.

Author: Brandilyn Collins

I discovered another author that I like a lot: Brandilyn Collins. She has written numerous books but I am starting on her Kanner Lake Suspense Series. I just happened to choose Amber Morn when browsing the library shelves because it was a story related to blogging. Amber Morn was the 4th and last book of the series so then I decided to get the others to read as well. I finished two in just four days and am now starting the second book in the series today. Visit her Seatbelt Suspense blog at

Cleveland Indians

Grady Sizemore, my favorite Cleveland Indian, hit the first grand slam in the new Yankee stadium in the 10-2 massacre over the Yankees! Go Tribe!!!


Mountain Woman said...

Thanks Karen. I put a link to that post on the left hand side of my blog. If anyone has time, just drop by and leave a brief note to let our brave men and women know how much we appreciate them.

Dwayne said...

Any one that beats the Yankees is my favorite lol, go tribe, that was a big whooping lol

Jude said...

I always like when you share with us the things you learned while surfing. I saw that birds nest recipe and thought I might try that one day it looks cute and simple.

heidi said...

Love things you learned! I am going to check out the sites you mentioned-especially the adopt a troop! Thanks!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Mountain Woman--You're welcome. Hope you get some more participants because of this.

Dwayne--Too bad the Indians didn't save some of those runs for today's game!

Jude--Any recipe must be simple for me.

Heidi--Glad to hear enjoy this post.

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