Monday, April 20, 2009

God Only Made One You--What An Awesome God He Is!

I heard this song "God Only Made One You" on the radio when we went to the library and I thought what a great thought that is, I should do a post about it. "God Only Made One You" is one of the songs Gerard taped from the radio for me before we were married and I think it's is such a cool song. Here are the lyrics to this kid's song:

There's no one like you with your special smile;
There's nobody else that has quite your style.
There's only but one who's wearing your face,
in all of the world no one takes your place.

There is just one you.
Not 20 not 10 not 2;
in all of the whole world through,
God only made one you.

When it comes to you there's no duplicate,
although you may have your family traits,
Your mother's bright eyes, your father's physique;
But all put together you are unique. (chorus)

The things that you say, the thoughts that you think,
in most every way you're very distinct.
If one were to search they never could find
another like you, you're one of a kind. (chorus)

When I consider all the people of the world since the beginning of time and no two are exactly alike it is mind boggling how creative God is. We are all God's special creations for his purpose.
(Ephesians 2:10--We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hat before ordained that we should walk in them. (KJV)

For the music Click here


Mike Golch said...

Great post. I'm linking this one.

Sandee said...

I found Mike's link to this post. Awesome Karen.

Have a terrific day. :)

Momgen said...

Oh this is a nice one post Karen. TC

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Mike, Thanks for the link!

Sandee and Momgen--Glad you liked this.

Mike Golch said...

I corrected all the errors that I made.Sorry about that it has been "one of those days" today.

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