Friday, April 10, 2009

6 Things I Learned In Week 14 of 2009

Child Tracking System

I first learned that parents can get a child location GPS tracking system when I read about it at For Your Protection. It is available through a company called Amber Alert GPS. By having your child take a tiny gadget with them, it will let you know their location where ever they go, providing they do actually keep it with them. For Your Protection is a great blog that I highly recommend. It has a wealth of good information about protecting your family and your home. I just discovered it this week through Entrecard.


I found a resource for puzzles for kids this week at where I printed out an Easter puzzle to use for my Sunday School class. It also had word searches and puzzles for the Jewish holidays too.

Resurrection Buns

The 5th & 6th graders made these in Sunday School last week and they really taste good! Even I made a couple!! Here are the steps:
1--Get Pillsbury brand Grands Biscuits
2--flatten chunks of dough to a 5" diameter circle (represents the tomb)
3--brush on some melted butter, sprinkle some cinnamon & sugar (represents spices)
4--put a big marshmallow in the middle (represents Christ's body)
5--Fold the marshmallow up in the dough and pinch closed
6--spread melted butter and cinnamon on outside and place upside down on cookie sheet
7--bake 10-12 minutes at temperature on instructions of package
The marshmallow disappears, just like Christ's body when he rose from the dead. They really taste good too!

Blogging Better

Through The Divine Miss Mommy blog I came across a post telling about how she is participating in an offer from Pro Blogger giving free tips and assignments for improving your blog. I went right over to sign up for this free tutorial from one of the best!


At Beth and Cory's Mom blog I found out there's a site where you can design your own shirt! At VistaPrint you can customize your own t-shirt for under $10!

The story about getting my cat, Manny, is up on the cat/dog blog today. He wanted me to be sure to let my readers on here know about it.


Dwayne said...

I think everyone should take a look at the problogger 30 day challenge. He has a lot of good ideas that can help everyone out. Have a great weekend

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Dwayne--Problogger's site is amazing! I'm hoping to learn a lot from him.

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