Sunday, December 15, 2019

Roxy Reaches a Milestone!

This isn't so bad
Yesterday, I was finally able to blow dry our dog, Roxy.  The first time I tried, she ran like crazy out of the room and wouldn't come near it.  I decided we needed to take baby steps.  Here they are and today they paid off!

(1)  I kept it off and got her to come near it using training treats. Did this a few times.
(2)  Another day we did this again but I turned it on low this time and gave her treat if she came near.
(3)  Another day I used it on my hair and called her in, giving her a treat.
(4)  I brought it near her when she was lying on the couch but kept it off.
(5)  Yesterday when we got in from the rainy walk, I kept her on the leash.  I got the blow drying ready and my husband brought her in to the bedroom on leash.  She jumped up on the bed which worked for me.  I put it on low at first, brought it over and gave her a treat.  Then I used it on her on low for just a few seconds and gave her another treat.  Then I used it a bit longer, giving her another treat.  Then I upped it to medium for a few seconds and gave her another treat.  She stayed nice and did not seem to mind it.  I finally put it on high and dried her off!  Of course she got another treat.

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Summer said...

Yay! All those baby steps paid off!

Brian said...

Yes indeed, slow and easy wins the race!

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