Monday, December 23, 2019

Retired and Loving It

Last Monday was my last day so I have now been retired for a full week and am loving it.  It felt so good yesterday, knowing I would not have to go to work today!  I love the feeling of having plenty of time to do stuff and not having to rush.

I played pickleball twice last week, joined in on more walks with my husband and dog, checked out doggie day care for Roxy, and attended a Sr. luncheon at church. 

I checked out the Parma Sr. community center but am not impressed.  It seems to be very loosely run, activities listed on the schedule don't always happen and there are hidden costs.  I went to an art class there this morning only to find out no one was there for it and there is a $16 charge for supplies and $8 per class.  Forget that!

I did find a brochure at the library for classes for seniors at Tri-C just on Fridays.  I found some that I will probably register for.  I plan on registering for the Spring session from March 20 to May 1.  For $99 I can enroll in as many as 6 classes.  Here are the ones I plan on taking:  TV Game Show Fun, How we Beat Diabetes or Who's on First (class on humor), Positive Psychology, and Learn, Discuss, Ask, Share (classes on information regarding aging).  Here is the link to encore 55+ Learning at Tri-C.

Got this shirt from my husband
In January, I can joint the Silver Sneakers program and participate at the Sr. Center Y activities for free as well as other fitness and rec centers so am looking forward to that too.  I recently read somewhere that retired people are the happiest.  I can certainly see why! 

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Brian said...

Congrats on your retirement! The Dad retired 2 years ago and the Mom retired in June, they sure are lots happier and are thrilled each morning to miss the morning commute!

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks! I am happy about not having to ride the bus to/from work everyday too! I am feeling much less stressed.

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