Saturday, December 14, 2019

First Fantasy Football Season -- Did Pretty Well

Well, in our fantasy football league with 12 teams, my husband and I did pretty well.  I think it is a lot of fun and makes watching the football games way more interesting!  About halfway through the season, my husband thought it was too much bother so I became a co-owner of his team as well--The Boston Barkers (starters on bottom left).  My team is the Parma Pandas (Starters on top left).  The good news is that we are both tied with one other team for 2nd place and The Boston Barkers is the only team that won a game against the first place team who was undefeated until then--Team Wellman.  We have two divisions and our record is good enough to be in first if we were in the other division.

Anyhow, I really liked doing this.  With the help of the TV show, Fantasy Live, I would watch the waiver wire every week and try to improve our teams.  It certainly has its ups and downs. Our league is set up on which projects how many points they think our players will score in the upcoming game.  The most frustrating times are when my bench players outscore those I am playing; however, that's why we play the game.  The predictions are not always right, but most of the time they are very close.  I love it when a player surprises me and way out performs what was projected for them like A. J. Brown did last week.

Here are 3 things I've learned from playing my first season:

1--Choose top players.

2--Use my brain, not my feelings.  By this I mean be willing to play good players even if they are against the team I cheer for.  (I am a Browns fan.)

3--There is generally a better chance to get more points from players who are on the better teams.

4--Quarterbacks can and do often make over 20 points so that is a key position to be sure to get someone good.

5--Be sure to check before the games start to make sure your guys are not hurt or on a bye week!

6--Do not stock up on players from any one team--when the bye week comes, you're in trouble!

7--Constantly check the waiver wire to improve on your team each week.

Both teams have a 50% probability chance to win this second week of the playoffs.  This goes to show that even though you may not be happy with your initial draft, all is not lost thanks to that waiver wire!

I find it interesting I was the only woman in our league.  I love competing against the men who I'm sure know way more than I about football, but I would encourage more women to get a fantasy team.  Especially if your husband is a football fan who likes to watch a lot of games.  Having a team of your own would make it much more interesting for you! 

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Lin said...

Joe joined a league for the first time this year and is in the playoffs! He is ranked #2 and is so darn excited about this whole thing. Me---Yeah, I can pass. I even dread all the talking about it, but it makes everyone so happy when they participate, so I play along.

Glad you did so well this year!

Brian said...

You sure did good hooray! We never really understood the whole thing and yes, we confuse too easily!

Karen and Gerard said...

Lin, Glad Joe did well too. I'm surprised you aren't more excited about it. I think you would be if you had your own team. Maybe next year?

Brian, Thanks. It can be tricky but I really wanted to try it out and see if I could have some fun with it.

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