Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last Day of 2019 Was Very Productive

First off, I continued my project of sorting my greeting cards by category.  I get lots of free ones from organizations that I made donations to.  I have so many though, it gets boring so I have to take a break from it.  May finish it tonight or tomorrow.  The Christmas cards are not shown here.  Those are in a separate plastic bag that I already put away.

I signed up Gerard and me for Silver Sneakers!  Back to strength training, here I come!  There is exercise/strength training equipment at the Parma Sr. Center that doesn't have loud annoying music playing like the gyms do so plan to workout there while waiting for Pinochle to start. 

Spunky Doodle was originally scheduled for a dental cleaning; however, when the vet reviewed her paperwork, he discovered something in the previous blood work to indicate she may have a heart problem.  Before doing the dental, he had to be sure she could withstand being put out for awhile.  Therefore, today she had an electrocardiogram and we will get the results in a couple days.  He was impressed with how cooperative she was.  He said she just laid there nicely unlike most other cats who fight.  She is not happy about having some of her fur shaved off.  I bundled her up in the cat carrier with three blankets in an attempt to keep her warm and even and the carrier opening right up to the heater most of the morning before we left because today is snowing!  Wouldn't you know it?

I reviewed the books my husband and I read this past year and here are the nine we both loved.  If you follow the links, they will take you to our book reviews of them at "Grab a Book from Our Stack" book blog:

The Chain by Adrian McKinty (Thriller/Mystery)

The Pale-Faced Lie by David Crow (Autobiography--child abuse)

Of course, I also watched some TV (Hallmark Christmas Movies I had taped) and played video games on computer.  AARP has a lot of free games to play and I also found a free on-line Pinochle site!

I finished up with marking important things on our 2020 calendars.  Looking ahead to 2020!

How did you spend the last day of 2019?

Happy New Year everyone!

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Brian said...

We're still watching Christmas movies here. Purrs and prayers for good results for sweet Spunky Doodle. Happy New Year from all of us.

Summer said...

Happy new year! I'm sending purrs for good results and an uneventful dental for Spunky.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks for the good wishes for Spunky!

Lin said...

I was busy taking down the trees and today will be packing up the decorations. Joe's mom died yesterday morning, so we didn't feel up to really celebrating anything, including the new year.

Good wishes for Spunky!

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