Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cats In Business

I always like being greeted by a cat when I go into certain business. There are some local businesses that I have come across that have cats. I’m surprised with so many people who are allergic to cats, that any business would have one.

In the Arcade between Euclid and Prospect, The Bancroft Gallery has a big bushy black cat in it. They do framing and sell artwork. Sometimes I’ll go there on my lunch hour to visit. The owner actually had two cats at one time and has some pictures up on his door of one of them on his back.

There used to be a photography store with a nice cat that lived in there. Sometimes I would go in on my lunch hour just to pet that cat. Last time I went though, I was disappointed to see the store wasn’t there anymore.

When we go to Richardson’s for our spring flowers, there is an orange cat there too who hangs out near the register. That’s one of the reasons we go there even though there are other places closer where we could buy our flowers. I like petting that orange cat.

Our vet, Dr. Hart on Akins Road in Cleveland has two greeter cats. It’s nice because usually we have to wait and they provide some entertainment. The one is very friendly and will usually come over and let me pet him while I wait. My dad’s vet on Memphis also had a friendly greeter cat.

Both my husband and I liked the book, Dewey about a cat that was dropped into a book return box at a library and the librarian who found it and let it stay in the library. I wish our library had a cat.

Do you know of any businesses that have cats? What do you think about business with pets?


The Author said...

My vet in Tennessee always had a couple of rescue cats as greeter cats and I've been in some businesses there as well but none here so far in Vermont :(

Kathy at The Junk Drawer said...

I love the story of Dewey! I've never in my life seen a greeter cat anywhere, but I would love to (and how much you wanna bet I'd frequent that business again because of it?)

My husband and I did see a greeter dog in a Paris bookstore once. A very big dog, too. He could knock out a shelf of books with one swipe of his tail. Awesome dog. He barked in French.

Daisy said...

Our vet has his own cat at his office. He's a big black and white long-haired cat that wanders all around. I am not sure if he stays there overnight or goes home with the doctor.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry' said...

Mountain Woman: Do you have any businesses nearby?

Kathy: I'm surprised you've never seen a greeter cat at any business. Glad to know you would go there though if you did find one with a cat. Dewey was a very special cat!

Daisy: Your vet's cat sounds gorgeous! I love big cats, small cats, short-haired cats and long-haired cats! Can you tell I'm a cat lover?

Jude said...

The only place I've seen a greeter cat is at my Vets office and of course my dogs hate cats so it makes it very difficult to keep them calm.

Unknown said...

I'm a big used book store guy and some of my favorite book stores have a few cats lolling around, enjoying the volumes of tomes. They seem to avoid the "Cujo" aisle, though.


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