Saturday, August 24, 2019

My New Home Is Official! by Roxy

Howl!  My two-week adjustment period is officially over today, and Karen bought me an ID tag with my name, phone and address.  I am so happy to have found a good home.

To get your own bed, just keep on lying on your owners' bed every night. Karen bought a nice soft dog bed for me from Walmart.  I tested it right away and it seems quite nice like it will work.  It is a fancy Sertapedic Enhanced Memory Foam couch Pet Bed.  It says the "memory foam blend provides therapeutic support for all dogs and eases discomfort of older dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis."  Karen thought that since I like lying on the couch and the chair so much, that I would appreciate a soft bed.  

Oh, one more thing:  I surprised Karen yesterday.  Before she and Gerard went outside together for just a short time, only 5-10 minutes, she put me in my den with the popsicle Wolf Wilderness popsicle treat.  I had it all gone by the time she came back inside and she was shocked that I had it finished so quickly.  Now she'll realize give me that does not keep me occupied for long at all when she leaves me alone in my den while they leave.

Karen just added a new playlist to her YouTube channel for me:  Roxy Rocks. 

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Brian said...

There was never any doubt, you are home to stay sweet Roxy!

Summer said...

Of course you were there to stay from the start, Roxy - how could you not?

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