Monday, August 19, 2019

Have to Let the Dog Know I'm Boss by Spunky Doodle

Last Saturday, a black and white dog named Roxy came into my house and stayed!  I was up on my cat tree and in she walks, checking me out.  She was actually nice, didn't bark or growl or threaten me in any way, but when she stuck her big nose right in my face, I gave a big hiss and swatted her on her big nose.  She just walked away and now knows not to mess with me.

My mom moved my food upstairs for me so I could eat in peace and not worry about Roxy making me nervous.  I really don't mind, because not that I'm 15, I don't enjoy jumping on high things like I used to so upstairs she lets me have my food on the floor.  She has to keep reminding Roxy not to come up the steps because she's very curious.  Upstairs is the Cat Only Zone, no dogs allowed!

Roxy got a really big special "safety zone box" of her very own, but I sneak into it sometimes just so she knows I can go wherever I wish because I rule around here.  After all, mom put MY comfy white lounge inside her box so I have every right to go inside if I want.  Sometimes I just stop by for a drink from the water bowl and other times, I make myself at home.

Last night, I noticed after I left, Roxy went in even though mom and dad were home.  Maybe she's a bit afraid of losing it to me if she doesn't use it more?

What's that bossy cat think she's doing?  This is my den.

 Did you notice how much bigger she is than me?  I am very brave though as you can see me standing my ground blocking her from coming into the hall.  Mom came and made me move out of her way to let her through, but I think I made my point.
You can't go through yet, not until I say you can.

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Beth Ann said...

I am so glad Spunky is tolerating Roxy so well . It is always fun to see how new pets get along with each other and it looks like Spunky is going to be just fine and still rule the house!

Brian said...

Yep, you da boss but don't forget to collect a treat toll for passage into the hallway!

Summer said...

Spunky, Roxy has not been there very long and it looks like you've already established your dominance! That's great that you have your own dog-free zone - and you can still go where ever you want. As it should be.

Spunky Doodle said...

Thanks for the encouragement, my friends. But Brian, unfortunately, I am not allowed any treats anymore because I have a very sensitive stomach so only get my special Royal Canin food.

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