Saturday, August 17, 2019

Had A Little Accident on My Walk to the Park by Roxy

Karen took me on the park walk this morning and Gerard came along with some doggie water bottle that he wanted me to use.  I finally gave in near the end of the walk and took a little sip.  That seemed to make both my new parents happy.  The sad thing was that on the way there on State Road in front of Bartel's, I made a quick juke (or cutback) like a running back and cut right in front of Karen.  I think I would make a great running back if I could hold the ball.  I have the cut back down.

Karen tried to stop without falling on me and manged to fall sideways on the grass for the most part and made sure she fell on my leash so I wouldn't get loose (not like I would have anyway).  I felt bad, but she seemed to pop up quickly and just rubbed her knee a bit.  It was just scraped a little, must have caught some of the sidewalk when she fell.

She was very nice about it though and didn't yell at me.  She just explained that I can't be doing that.  I need to walk in a straight line next to her on one side or the other and not switch all the time.  I did better and only cut her off maybe two or three times through the park and all the way back home.  I kissed her boo boo after she bandaged it up and it's all better now. 

Sorry no picture of the fall even though she had the camera with her.  Guess she was a bit shaken up by it and didn't ask Gerard to take her picture lying on the ground when it happened. I am just so excited to get to go on so many great walks all in one day!  I love it here in my new home even though they sometimes forget and call my Abby by mistake. 

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Summer said...

I'm glad your human wasn't hurt when she fell - you just have more to learn, and I know you will!

Brian said...

Walking like that takes practice but you're doing good, just watch where those human feet are going!

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