Friday, August 23, 2019

My First Trip to See Pickleball by Roxy

Today, Karen was off work and her and Gerard took me along with them to Elmwood Park in Independence where they play Pickleball.  I was not interested in the game at all, but I sure enjoyed meeting their friends who said I was a gorgeous dog.  One guy (Bob) said I reminded him of his first dog, a Husky/Shepherd mix.  Gerard and Karen took turns playing while one stayed with me.  Bob volunteered to walk me around too so Karen and Gerard could both play at the same time!  I loved walking around such a pretty wide open place.

While walking with Karen, we found a nice big bowl right by a drinking fountain near the ball fields that I got a drink from.  We also found a poop bag box so Karen pulled out a couple just in case, but I didn't have to make poopers while I was there.  It was a very nice day, sunny with a gentle breeze and only around 70 degrees the whole time I was there.  Part of the time I just sat near the bench getting pet up by different people and some of the time I laid in the shade near the picnic bench.

I saw a big field with a fence all around it and some dogs were running around inside.  I sure hope one day I'll be able to do that!  It's a very pretty park as you can see from these pics Karen took as we were leaving.

Gerard and Roxy heading back to the car

Fence is around the ballfield and some let their dogs run loose inside.

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Brian said...

You sure do get to do some interesting exploring!

Summer said...

What a pretty area! Neither my human nor I know what a pickleball is, but I'm sure it's fun!

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