Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I'm Out of the Shelter! (by Roxy, a Husky Mix)

Picture of me at the shelter
Karen asked me if I would like to do this thing called a blog post and share with the world about my feelings about becoming a member of this family so, I agreed.  I really want Karen to love me and keep me, so I guess I can give this a try.  First though, I must say I am grateful for those at the shelter who rescued me and gave me food, shelter and loving care while I was there.  They are a good group there!  The first thing I noticed when I came to their house was how quiet it is.  I'm not used to that!

Saturday:  I was so excited to possibly go home with Gerard and Karen!  I made sure I did very well on the little test walk they gave me at the shelter and then I saw Gerard filling out the adoption papers!  I came from Georgia and was in heat when I arrived at the shelter so they had me spayed.  I was surrounded by lots of cats and other dogs, some that seemed to bark constantly!  It was very loud! 

Karen though came back with a leash for me, but told Gerard she had second thoughts and didn't think I was the right dog for them because of my size--she kept saying I was so BIG!  Gerard really stood up for me and told her off so she gave in I went to my new home Saturday.  It was a pretty small house, and the first thing I did as I was checking it out was knock over a big stuffed bear.  I guess their other dog never did that.

I was very happy to be in a new home and gave them lots of kisses to let them know.  I also wagged my tail a lot!  Karen went on Facebook to share about my arrival and ask her friends if they liked Vixen or Roxy better for my name.  I was Vixen at the shelter, but Karen didn't like that name and neither did her friends, so now my name is officially Roxy.  She got my dog license and bought the same kind of food I had at the shelter, but I wasn't hungry, too much excitement to eat.  I actually have lots of windows to look out now which I love!  I didn't have any at the shelter.

Gerard took me for some nice walks and introduced me around the neighborhood.  I met some of Abby's (that's was their previous dog that is a very tough act to follow, but I will do my best to win them over). 

I made myself right at home by getting on the couch and lying against the soft pillows.  They actually let me stay, but when I jumped on the bed with them, they both freaked and kept telling me NO, NO, NO!  Off!  Off!  So, I slept on the couch.

Sunday:  It started of great!  I had a early morning walk and then,
Karen put some really yummy Wolf Wilderness wet treats on top of the food and I gobbled it all up.  But then, they both left, leaving me with just a little black & white cat named Spunky Doodle who pretty much just laid around.  She didn't pay much attention to me at all!  I didn't know what was up or what to do and I missed them.  They were gone about 3 hours and I heard them come back.  I ran to the windows and got maybe a bit too excited and shoved my nose through the screen.  Karen was very mad, Gerard seemed to be in shock. 

After that though, they both took me on a half hour walk to a place called Bartell's.  It was air-conditioned and I got weighed in at 58 lbs.  That night, Karen through a nice soft Indians bedspread on the floor at the end of the bed where I slept. 

Monday:  I went to Bartel's again, but this time I saw a vet who did a comprehensive exam, gave me a
couple shots and sold Gerard some Bravecto and Interceptor to protect me from heartworm and fleas and ticks (those are nasty things that can cause problems for doggies).  They also tested me for different bad things that ticks may have caused, but I passed and was declared healthy!  I think they'll be keeping me since they paid $400 for vet care.  Even Karen must care, I know Gerard does!

Tuesday:  I had a very fun day with Gerard.  We walked through a park and did more walks too.  I met
even more nice people.  Then after Karen got home from work, they took me to a store called PetSmart that was really fun!  I behaved very well and walked around with Gerard while Karen bought stuff for me:  steps to make it easier for me to get in and out of the car, my very own big crate with a nice mat and more of those yummy Wolf Wilderness wet treats with gravy.  Karen and Gerard put up my crate but didn't let me in it.  They said I could go in tomorrow.  I slept on the floor in their bedroom again on the nice soft bedspread.

Wednesday:  Karen was in a good mood this morning.  She even took me in the backyard and tried playing with me with a tennis ball, but I wasn't much interested.  She ran around the yard with me a bit and then she left.  Gerard took me to the park again and this time we even did both sides and then around by Parma High School.  It was a good long walk!  Karen came back home and put a Kong with kibble in it and a Purina Busy Bone filled with good stuff, and water inside my crate.  Then I finally got to go in; but then, they both left for almost 5 hours!  They said something about going to an Indians game.  I was very happy when they finally came back! 

They both took me on walks.  My walk with Karen was very exciting!  I met a huge black dog that was lying on it's front porch and his daddy was sitting on the steps.  I watched it very closely, and Argo, that's it's name, watched me.  Both our owners held us so we couldn't really sniff each other.  Karen kept telling to to come'on.  Let's go Roxy.  I did.  Then, we turned the corner and I saw two little creatures that Karen called Ferrets.  They were in a big cage and the lady was very nice.  She said I could come and check them out, but Karen was holding back and kept telling me to come'on, let's go.  She always seems to want to keep going instead of letting me explore and make new friends.  I hope she let's me show how friendly and nice I can be soon!

I am looking forward to what will happen tomorrow!  Howl!  Please let me know if you think I should continue this blogging thing in the comments.

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Brian said...

Roxy, you're a natural and we sure enjoyed reading about your happy times!

Summer said...

Roxy, I think you are adorable!

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