Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gerard Proposed To Me!

May 13 is a special day for us. It's the anniversary of the day Gerard proposed to me and we always remember it every year. We have no plans today to do anything special, but we still both reflect back over the years and are both glad I said "yes." We've had some close calls along the way and one huge argument that almost caused me to call of the wedding, but I'm glad I didn't. Our 13th wedding anniversary comes up in August and we will be doing something special then. To read about our proposal day, here's the link to the post I wrote last year: Do You Celebrate Your Proposal Date.

Here's a fun little quiz you can take to see What Kind Of Love You Have:

I Have Pragmatic Love

For you, love is a lot more rational and realistic than it is romantic.
It's likely that you thought long and hard about who you wanted to be with before you chose your partner.
You prefer to be with someone you value and respect. You did your best to select the best person possible.
Your love is based on compatibility and similar goals. If you were to break up, it would only be for practical reasons.

For some great pre-marital advice, check out Love Month:  The Doctor Is In at The Church of No People.   It will help give you more realistic expectations about love.

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Daisy said...

Happy Proposal Day!

julie said...

Happy Proposal day! It seems a bit sad that I can't even remember what day Scott proposed to me. I know it was some day at the end of April. Is that depressing or what? I do remember the day we met though. We actually got married on the same day (well, one day apart) so we could celebrate is each year.

Stopping by from SITS!

Lin said...

Awwww. That is cute that you celebrate your proposal day! I got my ring on my birthday, so we don't really celebrate that day. Our wedding anniversary is May 14th though--maybe we should double date!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

That's beautiful. I think my husband and I remembered our day for a few years.. then scads of kids and other things crowded in to make us forget. Having kids does certainly change things (at least, it did for us). Now that the kids are growing older, we have more time again to reflect on things. Your relationship with Gerard reminds a little bit of mine and my Hubs before the kids came. So I enjoy your stories about your life together.

Happy Proposal Day! :D

Sandee said...

We don't celebrate our proposal date. I don't even remember when that was. We do however celebrate the date we told each other we loved the other. November 19th. So it's a bit different.

You Are in Erotic Love

This doesn't mean that your love is purely sexual. Instead, it means your love is sensual and deep.

When you met your partner, you didn't have any questions about your attraction. You had major chemistry going on!

You are a true romantic, and you remember everything about when you and your partner first fell in love. And your feeling are still strong.

You believe that your partner is your true soul-mate and that you are meant to be together. Your love is too powerful to think otherwise.

Yep, that us alright. :)

BeadedTail said...

Happy Proposal Day to you! Glad you said yes! I don't even remember the day my husband proposed but it was so long ago - we've been married 22 years this August. I took the quiz and we are in Erotic love - hmmm.

Ruthi said...

This is so sweet indeed. Come to think of it... we never celebrate our proposal day and considering that it is the prelude to our wedding and more significant as the wedding because there will be no wedding without the proposal. But I can't even remember when he proposed to me. Am I a bad person? lol

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Awww.... so sweet! And 13th years anniversary coming up? Awesome! :)

Megan said...

Happy belated proposal day! Wow - 13 years...that's amazing! :-)

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, happy belated proposal day!!! I got "Storge" love. I had never heard of that word but it means our love was based on friendship that grew which sounded nice too.

I love it when you share your quizzes and here's to many, many happy celebrations of proposal day in the future.

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