Monday, May 31, 2010

We Remember


Thank you to all our service men and women.  
God bless them all!

I love the way Parma Heights Baptist Church honors those who served. The choir sings a medley of the theme songs for each service and has those stand who served or who have family members serving when their theme song is played. I am always moved to tears by it.

Read about a real hero, Captain Ed Freeman, here: Who's A Hero To You?

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GlowinGirl said...

I appreciate it when churches do something to honor those men and women. It's always surprising to me to see how many have given of their time. It's important to remember!

BeadedTail said...

The church service honoring service men and women sounds lovely. Happy Memorial Day to you!

Helene said...

It sounds like it was a lovely service!

Mountain Woman said...

We owe our lives to these brave men and women and we should never, ever forget they paid the ultimate price for our daily freedom.

I'm so glad your church remembers our veterans.

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