Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Funny Sights in Downtown Cleveland

The one policeman dismounted, but was on before.
 When I went out walking on my afternoon break on Tuesday, I saw a couple mounted policemen!  I am really surprised we still have mounted police and the best part is I had my camera with me so got some pictures for you.  Both horses were on the sidewalk and the one really made a mess!  The policeman got off to find something to scrape the poop off the sidewalk with.

Cleaning up after his horse!

He found an orange cone close by and scraped the poop into the street, but at least is got off the sidewalk.

In my Friday Fragments last week, I showed this structure that was in the library garden downtown:

I didn't know what it was until a few days later when I saw a sign posted:

(Click on picture to enlarge to read)
It's a work of art--The Reading Nest!  However, it has tape around it blocking access to it and a sign that says not to climb on it!  I wonder if at some point the public will be allowed in it to read.

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Beth Ann Chiles said...

Oh I love the reading nest!!! I would be in it in a flash once that tape came down!!! Great idea!

Mrs4444 said...

i hope you get inside that nest and get to share another photo :)

Sandee said...

That nest is neat indeed. I hope they let you in at some point. After all if you can't go in then you can't experience the nest.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Lin said...

COOL nest! I'll be interested to see if you can really go in there at some point.

What's with the horses on the sidewalk? I don't think they do that here in Chicago. We have mounted police, but I can't remember if they go on the sidewalks routinely.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Beth Ann--So far, there are no chairs inside.

Mrs. 4444--Stay tuned!

Sandee--I hope they let us in too. What did you think of the cop? Did you ever have a horse?

Lin--I think they were watching someone because more cops came and they arrested someone. I saw them putting a guy into the cop car. (Didn't take a picture of that though.)

Kara said...

What an awesome idea! A reading nest. Love it! I love you're walks, Karen. You always see the neatest stuff and then share it with us. Thank you! :)

Although I'm not sure I'd call what that horse did "neat", but it certainly made me laugh! ;D

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