Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Being Flexible

Sometimes it does no good to plan ahead.  Sometimes what we think is going to happen doesn't, so we need to be flexible.  This is what we are told when we sign up to work in Sports Camp at our church.  Our best laid plans are always subject to change because we o not always know what God has in mind.

I was originally told I would be coaching first grade girls basketball so planned some games to play at the beginning during registration geared to that age level, such as Johnny Can't Cross My Ocean, Mother May I, Mr. Fox, Red Light, Green Light and Spud.  I touched base with my assistant coach and felt ready.

First thing I was told when I arrived was surprise--there's been a change.  I would now be coaching 5th grade boys instead of 1st grade girls.  OK.  We are short on men coaches this year but I assisted with 5th grade boys last year and have taught that age in Sunday School so felt comfortable with the new assignment.  Quickly, my mind is thinking of new presession games because what I had planned clearly would not be good now.

Monday went very well, better than I even expected as far as my morning session.  One even prayed for forgiveness and asked Jesus to be his Savior!

I volunteered as a blue shirt worker in the afternoon which is basically just to be available to assist coaches if needed, taking kids to first aid or the restroom.  I was assigned to 1st gr. boys soccer and had the pleasure to assist two of my former 5th grade boys I had in Sunday School and watch them coach soccer.  They even invited me to play to balance out teams for a little time, it was fun! 

We had a record attendance of children this year and for the first time had to close out some sports.  This outreach ministry into our community takes the whole church working together to make it happen. 

I look forward to another great day today and am excited to see what happens!  This is my idea of a fun vacation--I LOVE it!  What is your idea of a great vacation?

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linda eller said...

VBS is going on at my church this week too. I KNOW the kids will have fun, and my prayers is that one or more will accept Christ - main objective. Have fun at yours!

BeadedTail said...

Glad you're enjoying your week even if it wasn't quite as planned! My idea of a great vacation is going to Disneyland or to a beach somewhere!

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