Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Friday Fragments (news, blogging, books, vacation)

Friday Fragments is hosted by Unknown Mama for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post to give Mrs. 4444 a break for the summer. Here we go:


I was surprised when reading Iranian-Americans and Expatriates Vote In Election (Yahoo News) that the U.S. Census figures show about 414,000 Iranians live in the U.S. California has the most. This seems quite high to me and made me wonder how that compares to other nationalities. After reading The Blood of Lambs, I am a lot more interested in the activity of Muslims in our country.

Feeling Discouraged?

Sometimes bloggers get a bit discouraged or at least disappointed when we don't get many comments; however, I suggest that at these times, you take a look at your page view stats. Just because there are only a few comments doesn't mean that those are the only people who took time to read your post. So, cheer up fellow bloggers and blog on! Also, look on the bright side, few comments mean less time for you spent in responding to them. Don't get me wrong here, we love getting comments too, just like anyone else, but I do not base the value of my blog on the number of comments we get.

Our Mayor

Our mayor's favorite genre is nonfiction. His favorite novelists are Tom Clancy and John Grisham; however, his favorite book is Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. He said "It's fun to read and it's inspirational." He even has a copy in his office! I'm adding this to my "books to read" list.

Book Giveaway

In honor of Father's Day, I am doing a giveaway of the book I wrote in memory of my dad, My Funny Dad, Harry over on our book blog.  Just be the first to comment saying you would like it.

Busy Week

5 gr. boys basketball
I had a great time helping in our Sports Camp this week coaching 5th grade boys basketball and assisting the 1st and 2nd grade boys soccer coaches, but am tired and recuperating today with a relaxing free day. We had the largest attendance ever--over 900 and for the first time had to turn people away because all the sports were filled to capacity, in both the morning and afternoon sessions.  

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Unknown said...

I agree on the comments from my blog. I blog each day what is on my heart and mind and if I get one comment, or ten, so be it. Enjoy your day of rest and have a happy weekend too!

Sandee said...

I live in California and I can attest to the large population of Iranians.

I don't worry about comments. I don't worry about much. Too much boating to do.

Have a terrific day and a better weekend. ☺

Kay said...

I had to learn to not rate my blog by comments left. I don't want to harp or focus on a number. I am just being myself on there anyway. Long ago, I learned that it is something that some folks enjoy, and some don't.

I would love to read that book, but I need to get through our summer school stuff first.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a successful sports camp! Glad you got a day to recover.

Claudya Martinez said...

Good advice about the comments. I have a post that is always the #1 post on my blog no matter what. It's been the top post for months and very few people leave a comment, that doesn't mean it isn't being visited.

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