Friday, June 28, 2013

4 Friday Fragments (life, food, hair)

Friday Fragments is hosted by Unknown Mama for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post to give Mrs. 4444 a break for the summer. Here we go:

Hot Water

My husband's basement shower finally got fixed--he now has hot water! Poor guy was showering in cold for years.

Hair Chalk

This is new to me, never heard of it until I watched Mama Kat's video showing how to apply it. It looks goofy to me, but easy enough to use if you want streaks of color in you hair, which I do not. I already have enough streaks of gray!

Free Things

It is worth signing up for restaurant coupons online--last Saturday we got a free buffet breakfast when we paid for one at Hometown Buffet! We used to go there every week but switched to Denney's and Perkins to save some money.

I'm ready for next year!
From our church sports camp, I was told I could keep the t-shirts I wore without having to pay for them! I also got three juggling balls since there were some left from the giveaway at the picnic.

It's always tough going back to work after being off for a week, but I did it. The highlight of my work week was getting a free ice cream cone on Tuesday at the square--Ruggles Moose Tracks! Some company was donating to the Salvation Army for every scoop of ice cream Ruggles gave out. Guess they do it all over because one of the Salvation Army workers said this was the first time they ran out of ice cream--yup, Clevelanders are drawn to free food!

We got a box of free squiggly light bulbs this week along with two night lights and a power strip from First Energy! I haven't really found a use for the power strip yet, but used the night lights right away.


I'm working at learning to juggle (videotaping my progress). After our Sports Camp picnic, two guys put on a juggling performance--they made it look so easy but it's not, let me tell you. After practicing with just one ball for a month, I'm finally getting some consistency on my toss and catch. (I only practice now and then though and only for a very short amount of time--Spunky Doodle likes watching the ball though.)

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Sandee said...

Juggling is not easy indeed. I tried it too and it didn't take me long to give it up either.

Have a terrific day and weekend. ☺

Joanna Jenkins said...

Years ago I learned how to juggle for a sales presentation I was giving. I practiced for 6 weeks and actually made it through the pitch and got the biz, but I never juggled after that. Maybe I'll give it a try again. I remember it as being fun.
Happy weekend, jj

BeadedTail said...

Bet Gerard is loving that hot water! Juggling is very hard but I'm not all that coordinated so maybe that's why it is for me! :) Yay for free ice cream!

nancygrayce said...

Showering with cold water is a chilling experience! Glad that's fixed!

Love free stuff and I think maybe the ice cream would possibly be my favorite!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sandee: I am not going to give up--I think I just need to practice more. The book does say it takes a lot of patience.

Joanna: That would be an interesting post! You should blog about it (and be sure to let me know!) I'd be interested to know why you included juggling in your presentation; what business were you going after?

Beaded Tail & Nancy: Yes, Gerard is happy with his shower now. The ice cream was the most fun to get--I saw lots of people walking around that day downtown with ice cream cones and smiles--it was a happy atmosphere!

Tiny little reveries said...

Hair chaulk...hmmm. That might be a good thing to use in between colorings to cover up gray roots. I defy age and color over my gray, but that's because I started graying really early in life.
Juggling takes a lot of co-ordination, kudos for giving that a try!

Unknown Mami said...

Yay for hot showers! I might be a little intrigued by the hair chalk.

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