Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our September Favorite Reads

My favorite read for September is Animals Welcome by Peg Kehret with Lead for God's Sake by Todd G. Congwer a close second, both non-fiction.
Love the Cover too--What a sweet, caring lady!

Animals Welcome--A Life of Reading, Writing, and Rescue by Peg Kehret is a delightful, heartwarming read that I recommend to any animal lover. This is a quick read about the different animals Peg rescued after building a cabin with her husband when they retired. I especially enjoyed reading about her cats, the wildlife and her interesting facts about some of the animals.

She has written lots of children’s books and is a warm and caring person that I would love to have for a friend. The author reminded me of my dad who also fed stray cats in the neighborhood and gave some a home to those willing to come inside. The difference is he didn’t give them the vet care she did. The quote that shows her love for the animals best is “’My hobby is rescuing cats, I said. ‘It’s no more expensive than playing golf or shopping.’”

Animals Welcome is definitely one of my favorite books I read this year! I look forward to reading her books that she co-authored with her cat, Pete in his memory: Trapped, The Stranger Next Door, and Spy Cat.
Gerard's favorite read for September is a very unusual book different from any he has ever read:  Memoirs of an imaginary friend by Matthew Dicks, an elementary school teacher.  We both read this so I will share my review of it her as well.

Different, a Fun Read!
Memoirs of an imaginary friend by Matthew Dicks is told by Budo, the imaginary friend of a special needs boy named Max. I thought this book was fantastic! I got into it from page 1 and had a hard time putting it down. Budo tells the story very well and you're going to love Max! The ending is super good--you have to read this! I've read a lot of very good books this month, but this one is my favorite!
(Gerard's review, rating 5++ stars)

Karen's thoughts:
I started Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks and thought it was just too goofy with the "imaginary friend" telling the story. I read up to chapter 9 and thought, "Why am I wasting my time on this?" and decided to give it up and read something else--The Raven Boys. I liked that even less because it was about the supernatural, fortune telling and some crazy hunt for some old king from the past--it made no sense to me. So when my husband said how good this one was, I decided to go ahead and finish reading it. I'm glad I did because it did get better and I liked Max and Budo so was curious to see what would happen with them. Once I got past the absurdity of it and didn't take it so seriously, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of ROOM by Emma Donoghue a little bit. 
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Peg Kehret is a very wise woman to pick rescuing kitties over silly pasttimes like shopping or, bleach, golf!

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