Monday, October 22, 2012

Football Weekend At Our House

Ohio State Buckeyes

We love the Buckeyes!

We are Ohio State Fans at our house and enjoying watching them win, win, win every week! They have been in some very close games as well as some blowouts, but last week was miraculous!

Gerard DVRd the game to be sure we could see it.  We had a busy day, first visiting the nursing home with Abby, and then Gerard took her to the groomer.  I was watching at home and giving him the play-by-play report over the phone.

The Buckeyes were down by 8 points in the last few minutes of the game and their first string QB was out injured. Their backup QB did a tremendous magic trick, by getting them down the field and into the end zone, but then they needed a 2-point conversion just to tie the game--they got it! The fans went wild and with just 3 seconds left, the game went into overtime. The Buckeyes got the ball first, went down and scored a TD right away! Then their defense came through, keeping Purdue from scoring. What a game!  Go Bucks!  Thanks for the great entertainment!

Where's the dogs?

Cleveland Browns

I enjoyed watching the Browns game but once again was disappointed.  They lost 17-13 to the Colts.  Yes, they missed an extra point which was very sloppy, the snap was good but the holder let the ball fall.

IF they made that, they could have tied the game with a field goal.

IF the player who got called for holding twice on a good kickoff return by Josh Cribbs didn't do that, the Browns would have had two good field positions.

IF the Browns rookie didn't go false start when the Colts were ready to punt, that may have saved a score--I really don't remember if the Colts scored on that or not, but they got a first down out of it.

If the sun didn't get in the eyes of the Browns receiver who almost caught a TD pass, the Browns would have been ahead 19-17.

I have to give the Colts credit though for managing the time at the end very well.  By the time the Browns got the ball, there was only 1 second left on the clock.  They had a fun last play though, tossing the ball laterally and back several times until Weeden finally missed it, but the time had run out.

Once again, it was a game the Browns could have, should have won but did not.  After last week's win over Cincinnati, I let my hope rise up again, only to be crushed.  It's tough being a Cleveland fan.  I'm still hoping we can win some more this season.

I asked Gerard what the term "play action" meant.  To me it seems like every play is play action, right?  Wrong.  He said it is when the QB fakes a hand-off to the running back but throws it instead.  OK.  It still seems like a dumb term to me.
Pats make it exciting!

New England Patriots

Once again, the Patriots game against the Jets was another nail biter for Gerard. Overheard shouting from the basement as Gerard watched:

"Catch the ball!"
"Feel free to tackle someone!"
"HOLD 'EM ALREADY!  Every stupid time they give it to them.  IDIOTS!"
Two minute warning, game tie, Patriots get the ball and fumble.
"How stupid.  They're going to blow another one!"
Jets are held to a field goal and the Patriots answer back with one of their own sending the game into overtime.
Patriots get a field goal so go up by 3.
That's a fumble!  Call it right!  
Patriots win 29-26!

As for our little football pool between my hubby and me, hubby picked 4 out of 5 games right, I had only 1 right--Gerard wins again so gets to choose where we go for breakfast this Saturday!

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Ann in the UP said...

The Buckeyes seldom disappoint. As a Michigan and Wisconsin fan, I know that to be true. (sniff) But the Patriots! You aren't used to having nail biter games out of them, are you?

I think my Packers have turned the corner, now that Aaron Rodgers has gotten annoyed with the press, but I'm never sure which team's gonna show up on Sunday.

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Sounds like fun in your house at the weekend!! Even if it didn't all go the way you'd like!!

In our house the team of choice seems to be the 49ers!! I just find it annoying with all the noise when I'm trying to nap!! :)

Wags to all,

Your pal Snoopy :)

Sparkle said...

I just wanted to say thanks so much for getting my calendar - I think you will really like it!

BeadedTail said...

At least Gerard's remarks were G-rated! Can't say the same thing around here but it was an okay weekend since the Chiefs had a bye week and OSU (as in Oregon State) and K-State both won!

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