Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is There Nothing Simple Anymore?

Burger Order Sheet

It used to be easy to order a burger but at Denny's, they a have sheet to fill out that looks like a voting ballot with lots of choices which include pick your patty, what kind of bun, type of cheese, a hole bunch of toppings plus a choice of a side that comes with it starting at $6.99

But wait, there's more!  On the reverse side is an order sheet for a shake!  You choose a flavor:  Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry, but then you also get to choose stuff to mix into it like cookie pieces, nuts, bacon, banana, white chocolate chips or chocolate chips.  Then there's another option to choose:  your sauce (Hot fudge, strawberry topping, caramel sauce, maple-flavored syrup, raspberry sauce or peanut butter sauce).
The price for a basic flavor is $3.79 plus an extra 50 cents for each sauce or mix-in selected.

We are simple people and don't need all these choices. Life is complicated enough without more decisions to make.  It seems nothing is simple anymore.

Have you built your own burger at Denny's or used the shake order sheet?  What would you choose to go in your shake?

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Sandee said...

Well we don't go to Denny's. If I want a great burger I'll go to In 'N' Out. Denny's food is fair at best and their coffee is the worst on the planet. Well around here anyway.

I certainly aren't going to fill out my order anywhere. That's what the servers are for.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

We don't have a Denny's around us but we saw the commercial for their build a burger thing and they built my hubby's dream burger with mac and cheese, chili and jalapenos! I'm sure he'll never have one but it gets his attention every time!

Lucky Lady said...

Our denny's isn't very good have not been to it in years but I can tell yo if I built a milk shake it would have Oreo cookies in it

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