Thursday, September 6, 2012

How We Spent Labor Day

First off, we surprised our dog, Abby, by taking her to the park for her early morning walk, which was actually late for her--7 a.m. She normally goes at 5 a.m. but since it was a holiday, we slept in. We were there for a couple hours and joined by a lot of other dogs as time went on. There was only one other car there when we first arrived. Abby and Gerard got two more walks in later in the day around the neighborhood.

Of course, I did some blogging which included making this video and blog post with my cat, Manny Boy supervising.  I also posted a book review (yesterday's Favorite Reads for August post) and used the end of this video of tug-of-war between Abby and me as our Monday Mischief post.

We went shopping at Parmatown for new tennis shoes at The Finish Line. The saleswoman was very good, selling Gerard a pair too! We both got the Nike Airmax that she said is the best walking shoe they carry. It did feel much more comfortable than the worn out New Balance running shoes I had.

I decided to get some new eyeglasses because the ones I had felt like the lens would be falling out again and it's been five years since I got new frames. I am excited about getting the lens that darkens in bright light and that is glare resistant. They should be ready by the 17th.

In the afternoon we got some tennis in at our neighborhood court even though it was 89 degrees! I must be officially nuts, but it was fun and was a good workout.  I won 6-2, 6-3 but lost the 5 deuce game. I had some water, raspberry iced tea and Turkey Hill chocolate marshmallow ice cream when I got home.

We both got some reading in and watched a little TV. After sweating while just sitting reading, I gave in and turned on our central air conditioning so the house will be cool by the time we go to bed so we will be able to sleep.  (Review of Lead for God's Sake! is up at Grab a Book From Our Stack.)

It was a very good day! What fun things did you do on your day off this week?

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BeadedTail said...

You had quite a day! Abby sure enjoyed the stroll! Sadie didn't like those yippy dogs at all. She never barked back so maybe that helps! I got some of those Nikes recently too because they were black and purple. :)

marlece said...

Looks like a relaxing fun weekend. And, as I was reading thru, I didn't know you had a 'pet' link up. That is cool and I'll have to do it. I'm always talking about my kids (animals)ha!

Lin said...

Wow! You had a GREAT Labor Day! You got a lot crammed into that day too.

We had a party on Sunday, but Monday we went to the mall and got Em some things she needed for school. It was nice to relax though--we had an exciting week the previous week. Too exciting.

Karen and Gerard said...

Beaded Tail: I almost got the black/purple pair, but went with the black/teal instead since they were about $30 less b/c they were on sale.

Marlece: The Monday Mischief is a pet blog hop that I sometimes participate in which allows everyone to copy the code for all the linkups--there's also a Pet Pride blog hop on Sundays over at Bozo's. If you look down my left sidebar, you will see the links to both.

Lin: Yes, I remember reading about your busy week. We wanted to make the most of our last day off!

Wayne W Smith said...

Oh dear - what a great time that must have been.

oceangirl said...

Oh what a wonderful walk in a wonderful park. Happy Friday, nice to visit :)

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hey Abby,

Manny did a great job of supervising your video production!! Looks like some great countryside you've got there buddy :)

Have fun,

Your pal Snoopy :)

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