Sunday, October 2, 2011

Imagine A World Without Cancer--Live Strong! by Spunky and Manny

We are joining many other cat bloggers for Live Strong Day today to honor those who lost their fight with Cancer, encourage those who are currently fighting this monster and to celebrate those who are in remission and have survived!  Please take some to to watch the slideshow of cats around the blogosphere who all joined in together for this special day.

We Remember Those Who Lost Their Fight
Gerard's Mom and Dad
George Host

Uncle Bill
Aunt Shirley
Sarah's (teen) mom, Susan LaSalvia
Joyce's Brother

We Pray For Those Who Are Currently In The Battle
Sheri Thomas
A Young Couple, both with Cancer, and two small children (bloggers)

We Celebrate Those Who Are In Remission And Survived
Michelle Kerr (sister)
Lucky Lady (blogging buddy)
Laurel Myers (church friend)
Sylvia Schweitzer (Circle of Friends Bible Study Leader)
Our mom, Karen

If you or someone you love are currently in this fight and would like us to include you in our prayers, feel free to add the name of the person in our comments on this post.  If you need support, visit

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Lucky Lady said...

thanks Karen, we go day by day and hope it does not return October 17 will be 10 years since my last run with cancer I hope it my last but we are in Gods hands it is up to him prayers for everyone

BeadedTail said...

This is a beautiful post! We're celebrating your mom Karen for beating cancer and we're purring that she remains cancer free forever!

Sparkle said...

WTG, Spunky! Not only is your post awesome, your human is a survivor! I am purring and keeping paws crossed that cancer never comes back to bother her!

MarytheKay said...

I have several friends and family members who have battled cancer. Some have survived, and some have not. Your post is a beautiful one--celebrating some victories, and remembering some dear ones...

Cancer seems to touch all of us in some way. Thankfully, I put my faith in a God who gives hope. Otherwise, it would all seem a little hopeless...

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