Friday, October 14, 2011

8 Things We Learned Thi Week 41 of 2011 (dogs, TV, blogging, blind, crafts)

Our Dog

Abby has arthritis in her hip and back legs. Hopefully new food and some medicine will give your relief! The good new is her blood work and everything else is all good.  Abby wrote about her new food at We Like our New Food!

Dogs Jumping Rope

Through playing Freekibble this morning, I discovered that dogs can jump rope, something mine has not learned to do . . . yet. I can't even jump rope! This video shows 13 dogs jumping rope all together on one rope! It looks like the dogs are having a great time too!

Columbus Day

I learned from Daisy and Harley why there are so many sales on Columbus Day but think you need to see for yourself at Daisy The Curly Cat's Monday Funnies.

Red Zone Channel

The Red Zone Channel (RZC on DirectTV) is very cool because it shows all the potential scoring plays of all the Sunday football games. It jumps around the league to show the games of teams who are close to scoring (in the “red zone”). Last Sunday was the first time I actually watched it with Gerard. It was a fun way to see great plays!


The “compose” screen in Blogger is supposed to show how the post will actually look when published, but when doing “How To Choose Quality Pet Food” this week, I found out that what showed as perfect in the “compose” screen actually showed quite differently when posted. I had pasted a draft post from my email with text boxes and ended up having to remove the text boxes and just retype the information.

The Blind

In reading Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson, I learned the following plus so much more:
In scouting, I thought Eagle Scout was the highest honor but there is an honor society called “Order of the Arrow” that recognizes cheerful service to others.

There is Braille music.

If a blind person has the right technology, they can do almost anything sighted people do. There are blind people who do rock climbing, ride horses, climb mountains, teach school, are attorneys, engineers. About the only two jobs they cannot do are being a professional athlete and jobs involving driving vehicles.

The blind can “hear” inanimate objects by echolocation. By tapping the white cane, a blind person can hear a change in the noise when tapped in front of objects because the sound waves bounce off—making an echo kind of the same way bats make sound to navigate based on the sound waves because they can’t see so well (kind of like a radar system).


baby blanket made without sewing
I learned how to make a blanket without sewing at our W.O.W. meeting last night at church. We made some baby blankets to give to the Cleveland Pregnancy Center. A post on how to do it will be coming soon.


There are many uses and benefits of cucumbers. So many that I wrote a whole post listing them: 13 Things You Should Know About Cucumbers.

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Daisy said...

I have been taking Cosequin for cats for several months and my Mommeh says I am much more active now!

HH and The Boys said...

I always love your summaries.... Have a great day and weekend.

pawhugs, Max

BeadedTail said...

You sure learned a lot this week and now so did we! Sadie has arthritis too but it doesn't slow her down too much, yet.

Bill Lisleman said...

red zone channel - that's interesting but somewhat worrying since we have become so impatient that we only want to see the scoring plays. We are trying to fast forward life too much.
Yes the 'compose' view fails to show it exactly right but I use the 'preview' before hitting publish. It does require some back and forth and certainly could be better.

Anonymous said...

I also use "preview" before I publish a post.

I don't care much for cucumbers but my wife loves them. I'll pass your link over to her. Thanks.

Have a Nice Day :-)

Doreen said...

I love your fragments!
I actually knew something this week..Braille concerts are amazing. If you have the opportunity check one out.
We gave our dog plain old bayer baby aspirin for his arthritis and within 2 days he was walking up and down the steps again. Sometimes the answers are so simple..

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I love the dogs jumping rope! I can't believe they are doing it in sync. Incredible.

Used to like cucumbers, but as happens with many foods I overeat for weeks at a time, I'm sick of them now. Used to have a lunch of cucumber slices and tuna fish. Super lo-cal and healthy, but bleh. Not interested anymore :(

Love these posts, Karen! I know I tell you that all the time, but it's because I really do!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Dogs can jump rope? Okay, that just blew my mind.

Lin said...

These are always my favorite posts too!

Hey--we've made those blankets! I even made one for Ginger, one of my blog pally's dog! Animals LOVE fleece too!

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