Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yea For the Buckeyes!

We are very happy the Buckeyes won the National Championship this year and watched most of the game last night.  I was very impressed with their third-string QB, Cardale Jones, and really enjoyed watching him.  I just wish the game didn't start so late because I had work the next day so went to bed in the 3rd quarter when the Buckeyes were ahead by just one point.  We taped it so I could watch the end of the game another time.  Manny Boy watched this game with me and let me pet him up. 

Found a National Champion shirt on Amazon for Gerard: 

Two days later when the temperature was -2, I put one of my OSU t-shirts on Abby for her walk, hoping it would help some.  She didn't seem to mind it and seemed to be able to walk just fine in it.
What's this for mom?

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