Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Food for Manny From The Natural Pet is a Hit With Spunky

Since Manny seems to be having some trouble eating lately, I thought his teeth may be hurting him so decided to try some canned food for him.  I went to The Natural Pet on Ridge Rd. today and they were very nice and eager to help by giving me five free samples plus $5.00 off for being referred by a friend with a full guarantee.

"I don't want that, mom.  Where's my normal food?"

Manny likes his dry food so I wasn't surprised when he turned up his nose at the Lotus Just Juicy Pollock Stew for Cats.  It looks good enough to eat to me, kind of like a tuna casserole.  Spunky thought so too.

Spunky liked, but Manny wouldn't even taste it!
I have to hold the dish while Spunky eats to keep her from eating too fast.  I knew she would like the canned food and gobble it up.  Even this way, I'm not sure she'll keep it down but I hope so.

More, mom!  This is good!
I have lots of other different flavors, maybe Manny will like some of them.  We'll see.

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Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad he likes it! Do you notice any changes in the litter box? I'm told that wet food makes their poop stinkier or something like that..?

Lin said...

What is with that first comment??? Spam???

Try putting out less food at a time so he doesn't gobble it all up. I know it is a pain, but it might teach him to slow down.

We only feed my elderly cat, Grace, wet food now. It helps her get fluids into her system too. Much better for the older pet.

Summer said...

We never get dry food because grain-free wet food naturally has a higher protein content - and as Manny shows, kitties can get addicted to dry! Keep plugging away with him, though. Maybe mix in a combo of the dry with wet to get him started?

Karen and Gerard said...

Mrs4444--Manny didn't like it at all, just Spunky Doodle loved it. The next day when I tried "cowboy grill" they both ate it but then vomited it up about 10 minutes later. I've heard that too about the poop but didn't notice anything. Sometimes I guess changing over the food gives them diahria.

Lin--Yes, the first comment was spam, I deleted it. I do only give Spunky a small amount at a time and make her work for it. She has a little toy she has to bat around to get the food out and a small kong too. Manny likes his dry food but I'm trying to find some soft that he likes and can keep down.

Summer--I think that's a good idea which I might try next with him. It might help soften the dry food some too for him.

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