Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh, Oh, I lost My Cell Phone!

When I went for my cell phone yesterday to make a call, it wasn't in my pocket.  I knew I had it when I left the house because I actually remembered putting it into my pocket.  I figured it must have fallen out on the bus.  I immediately prayed that I would get it back.  It's not a smart phone and can't even text or take pictures with it.  Just a basic phone to make and receive calls.  I do use the timer on it and sometimes the stop watch, but it's nothing fancy.  I would think if someone found it they would try to return it.

I started thinking what I would do if I found a lost cell phone and think I would try calling some of the contacts who could maybe recognize the number and call that person to let them know who has their phone.  If it rang, I would probably answer it hoping it was the owner of the phone trying to locate it.  Is that what you would do?  That's what I did.  It just rang and rang and rang and rang.  I let it ring long to give the people on the bus a chance to find it and answer but no one did.  Then I called my husband to let him know I lost it so he would be aware I didn't have it in case he tried calling me on it.

About an hour later, my husband called with good news--he found my phone!  Yea!  What a relief!  It had fallen out of my pocket in our car when he drove me to the bus stop before I got on the bus.  At lunch time he just looked in the car for it and there it was, in the passenger seat.  Thank God! 

What would you do if you found a lost cell phone?

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Cathy said...

I'd probably do just what you did. Then if it wasn't found, I'd check with the police. Lots of times phones are turned in there (I know, cause I work for a police agency).

But so glad you didn't have to do that and that your hubby found your phone.

Sandee said...

You leave a phone visible here and some thief will break the window and steal it. We are surrounded by thieves.

I'm happy you got your phone back.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ☺

BeadedTail said...

Isn't it crazy that we actually used to leave the house without a phone? Now I can't imagine it! Glad Gerard found your phone!

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