Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday Fragments (Life, News, Books)

Friday Fragments is hosted by Half Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post.


Happy Independence Day!  I am so thankful I live in America and still have freedom.  I just wish it was still a Godly nation.
July is a good month for us: Off for the holiday July 4, looking forward to having a mystery outing with my Sunday School class on Tuesday (off work); helping to prepare for Vacation Bible School (VBS) Treasure Island on Wednesday; then off the whole next week to help with the fourth graders in VBS. 

Cedar Point--New Ride

I saw on the news this week that Cedar Point now has the slingshot ride.  It looks quite scary and you have to pay an additional $25 to ride it!  For another $20, you can purchase a picture of you on it.  Neither Gerard or me would ride that one!  What about you?

False Alarm

I don't know quite how to describe the feeling I had when I thought I lost my cell phone on the bus Monday. I guess sad and shocked might cover it. When I went to make a call, that is all I could think of when it wasn't in my pocket. I was so distracted that I accidentally opened an envelope marked "confidential" that was for one of the attorneys I work for. Read my post: "Oh, Oh! I Lost My Cell Phone" to see what happened.

Sunset from porch

Porch Time

We've had some hot weather this past week so I enjoyed sitting on the porch in the evening. I love summer!!!!!!


We've read some very good books in June. To see our reviews, visit Grab a Book From Our Stack.
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Joyce said...

The rides get crazier and crazier! Six Flags Great Adventure up here is adding something insane too. It's called the Drop of Doom and will be the tallest drop tower in the world-415 feet at 90 mph. Whyyyyyy??!

I am not even a little bit tempted to ride! Happy 4th!

retired not tired said...

One more ride I won't be taking. What happened to good old merry-go-rounds?

Sandee said...

May you and yours have a very happy 4th of July. Scritches to the babies. :)

StarTraci said...

Glad you found your phone! If I lost mine, I would be a mess!
Happy 4th of July!

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...
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