Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Perfect Easter (Writer's Workshop)

Our Easter was perfect!  It started of with a uplifting and enjoyable church service followed by participating in a puppet presentation for children in grades 1-6.  We did it twice and the first time, one of the boys in my Sunday School class prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior and I was able to pray with him and got him a Bible since he said he didn't have one.  I brought home some palm branches that I let our cats enjoyed jumping for and chewing on for awhile before I set them up outside on the porch.

It was a beautiful day--sunny and in the 70s!  My hubby and I played two sets of tennis, then took our dog, Abby, to West Creek Park for a great walk through the woods.  It was cool because we were in the woods, but still in the sunshine because the leaves were not yet on the trees.  (Wish I had my camera along, but I didn't.)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!

This post brought to you in response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt:  Easter Recap.

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Catherine said...

So glad that your Easter was happy and blessed.

Sandee said...

Sounds like you had the perfect Easter.

We did too, just stayed home and enjoyed a quiet day.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Lin said...

Sounds like a very nice Easter indeed! Ours was quiet..we just stayed home and hung out here. It was nice to spend time as a family. We actually went to the mall and it was closed! That surprised me, but I guess it was nice that they honored the religious holiday.

KatBouska said...

Sounds much more calm than our Easter! Glad to hear it. :)

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